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The McLaren 600LT is yet another feather in the cap for the British automaker. As if it doesn’t have enough mouth-watering performance cars already, McLaren unveiled the 600LT with the purpose of filling out its entry-level Sports Series lineup with its own track-focused beauty. It looks the part of a super sports car, has the most power out of all McLaren Sports Series, and it’s configured for the thrills of the racetrack. Unfortunately, all that acclaim comes with the downside of us having little chance of owning one in our lifetimes. So what’s the best way to deal with that reality? Play around with the new McLaren 600LT online configurator, and imagine what our 600LTs could look like. It’s only in the virtual world, but like most things that we literally can’t get our hands on, we’ll take anything we can get.

Design the 600LT of Your Dreams in The New McLaren Configurator
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Like almost all online configurators, the first thing you do on the 600LT configurator is pick the supercar’s body color. There’s a treasure trove of colors to choose from — 28, by my count — but in the end, I went with Mauvine Blue, in part because it’s an exotic color that we don’t often see on a performance car, let alone a McLaren. It should also blend well with some of the carbon fiber touches I have planned for my virtual 600LT, which we can go into a little bit later. I also considered Fistral Blue and Luminaire Green for the same reasons, but I ultimately chose the purple shade because it looks really sexy on the 600LT.

Exterior Colors

Silver McLaren Orange Onyx Black Silica White
Curacao BLue White Special Luminaire Green Vermillion Red
Sicilian Yellow Vega Blue Myan Orange Chicane Effect
Saros Cosmos Papaya Spark Burton Blue
Abyss Black Polaris Blue Lantana Purple Fistral Blue
Ceramic Grey Mauvine Blue Amethyst Black Sarthe grey
Paris Blue MSO Muriwai White MSO Borealis MSO Helios Orange MSO
Design the 600LT of Your Dreams in The New McLaren Configurator
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Moving on to the wheels, I chose the five-spoke set over the 10-spoke set because I think the latter takes too much attention. I want my wheels to be noticeable, but not to the point where they take some shine away from the car itself. The five-spokers give my 600LT a sweet aesthetic balance, especially with their diamond cut finish and titanium wheel bolts.

The exterior section of the configurator offers plenty of options to choose from, be it in the form of single-piece details or all-encompassing packages. It took some time to piece through what I wanted on my 600LT, but ultimately, I chose to go with the Carbon Fiber Upgrade 2, which essentially gives a gloss finish visual carbon fiber treatment on the front splitter, side skirts, aero winglets, rear spoiler, and the rear bumper. There are certain sections in the body of the 600LT — the roof, most specifically — that I wanted to keep in the Mauvine Blue color that I picked out. No carbon fiber on that section, please.


Diamond Cut
Gloss Black
Satin Raw Metal
Diamond Cut
Gloss Black
Satin Raw Metal
Design the 600LT of Your Dreams in The New McLaren Configurator
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Now it’s time to dive into the interior of the 600LT. As expected, your heads are going to spin with all the options and packages McLaren’s offering. The best way to navigate this maze of choices is to tackle it a section at a time. In my case, I opted for the seats and leather trim first. For the seats, I chose the LT Super-lightweight CF seat, partly because it’s the lightest of the bunch and partly because I just want the best and most expensive version on my 600LT. It’s true; I’m not immune to peer pressure. For the interior trim, I’m going with a mix of leather and Alcantara, right down to the leather and Alcantara steering wheel to go with a few splashes of carbon fiber. McLaren’s Luxury Pack is also going to be in my 600LT. Since I want most of the items included in the pack — Power Adjust Heated Memory Sports Seats, Power Adjust Steering Column, Bowers & Wilkins 12 Speaker Branded Audio System, and the Soft Close Doors — I’m getting the whole package because I get the items cheaper compared to getting them individually. I’m also throwing some color into my interior, specifically the red seat belts that creates a nice color symmetry with the red brake calipers I chose earlier.

Interior Options

Alcantara LT Interior
Leather & Alcantara LT
ALC BY McLaren Designer LT
LTR BY McLaren Designer LT
Interior Leather design 1: CARMINE RED / JET BLACK
Interior Leather design 2: JET BLACK / SCORIA GREY
Interior Leather design 3: JET BLACK / MIDNIGHT BLUE

The entertainment choices are limited, but since the 600LT is a track-focused monster, it wouldn’t be right if it didn’t have a proper telemetry system. McLaren’s Track Telemetry with Lap Time function appears to come standard, but I’m going for the upgrade regardless and getting the three extra cameras. As an added security measure, I’m getting the Security Pack, too. This package comes with front and rear parking sensors, a rearview camera, a vehicle lift feature, and a volumetric alarm upgrade.

Design the 600LT of Your Dreams in The New McLaren Configurator
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And that’s about it for my virtual McLaren 600LT. I like the way it turned out, especially when you consider that the car’s design is just one part of what makes this monster a must-have machine. Arguably its most important feature is its 3.8-liter V-8 engine that produces an impressive 592 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque. Do the math, and that represents an increase of 30 horsepower and 14 pound-feet of torque over the 570S. McLaren hasn’t released performance times yet, but with the power numbers already out, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the 600LT sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds, a few tenths quicker than the 570S. Remember, the 600LT isn’t just more powerful than the 570S; it’s also lighter by around 200 pounds.

All told, the McLaren 600LT sells for $240,000, and it will only be available for a period of one year.

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