It never fails that, when details for a long-awaited model are released, artists everywhere begin to imagine what future variations of the vehicle will look like. It was only a few months ago when details for the 2011 Citroen DS4 were unveiled and now Ugo Spagnolo, a student at the Institut Superieur de Design, has put his thoughts to paper on a new DS model for MY2019.

He’s called his concept the DS24 and his inspiration for it came from
the legendary Citroen DS19 that debuted at the 1955 Paris Motor Show. The DS24 features a futuristic look with a floating roof and sliding rear doors. For the interior, Ugo took his inspiration from the "elasticity of the air and the flexibility of the water." The cabin features a blue illumination and cloud-like white leather upholstery.

And in the spirit of the latest model, the DS24 features a hydrogen fuel cell which provides power to an electric motor that is integrated into the chassis. The car’s performance is unknown at this point, but we’ll excuse his oversight simply because we are so impressed with his design!


Source: WCF

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  (453) posted on 03.7.2011

Looks a bit off too me, it seems that Citroen is going back to older design elements than coming up with new ones. And yeah, the top also reminds me of a Mini.

  (89) posted on 02.18.2011

With that white top you might think it is the 2019 Mini smiley

  (111) posted on 02.18.2011

Lately the Citroen had some bold design improvements, but this one is going too far and falls into crappy design.

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