Despite current situation, American automaker GM opens new battery laboratory

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In the wake of its impending bankruptcy, the Detroit-based car manufacturer is not about to give up without a fight.

Word is being spread that despite having filed for a Chapther 11, GM still opened a battery laboratory that is being lauded as one of the country’s most technologically advanced batt labs. It really does make you wonder what’s going on in the minds of the GM bigwigs surrounding the state of GM and its very uncertain future.

Apparently, these guys have decided that if they can’t sell cars, they might as well keep themselves afloat by being at the forefront of advanced battery technology.

In some way, it’s a brilliant idea because it keeps GM in the loop as far as state-of-the-art car technology is concerned. The batt lab – which should never be confused with the Bat Cave – is located in Warren, Michigan and has been called the Global Battery Systems Lab.

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The lab was built so GM can continue its pursuit in developing hydrogen fuel cells that can be later one used in vehicles and at the same time, accelerate the development of all of its electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt. The lab itself is enormous by any standards. It covers an area of well over 33,000 square feet – four times bigger than its last battery facility.

If there’s anything admirable about the way General Motors has approached things while in the middle of a very serious crisis, it’s that they’re not giving up without a fight.

Even GM President and CEO, Fritz Henderson sounded so confident and upbeat you’d be hard-pressed to believe that they’re actually in the middle of the worst crisis in their company’s history. “The new global GM battery lab will benefit consumers across America by helping us advance the development of battery technology in the United States and put cleaner, more efficient vehicles on the road more quickly and affordably,” he said. “

“Our new lab improves GM’s competitiveness by speeding the development of our hybrid, plug-in and extended-range electric vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt.”

If for nothing else, I’d say that Henderson doesn’t lack in confidence and optimism. Then again, in a time like this for General Motors, confidence and optimism may be all they have left.

That and the batt lab, of course.

Source: GM opens new batter lab in Michigan

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