• Details Of the Full-Scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron Are Incredible

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Just when you thought you knew everything about the life-sized, brick-version Bugatti Chiron that LEGO created last year, this detailed look at the incredible creation opens up details that we didn’t know about the replica. The credit belongs to the folks over at The Straight Pipes, who managed to get an in-depth look at the LEGO Chiron when it was on display at the 2019 Canadian International Auto Show. We know that this replica was created with over one million bricks. That’s old news. What we didn’t know is that most of the LEGO Chiron’s body is comprised of flexible sheets made of bricks that are shaped like triangles. That’s one of the many details you’ll learn from this 10-minute deep dive into what is arguably the sickest-looking full-scale model that LEGO has ever created.

Prepare for your minds to be blown, folks. The LEGO Bugatti Chiron is a work of art. That much we can all agree on, right? But beyond the fact that it is that, the LEGO Chiron is also an engineering marvel the likes of which you’ll only understand if you take a deep dive into how it was created. For that, the boys over at The Straight Pipe managed to get an up-close look at the LEGO Chiron at the 2019 Canadian International Auto Show and what they found out will once again force you to pick up your jaws from the floor.

Let’s start with the Chiron’s body, which is apparently made from sheets of LEGO Technic pieces that can click together.

According to Lubor Zilinski, the LEGO design manager behind the Chiron, the LEGO Chiron’s body, or skin, as he calls it, is made up of two different types of LEGO Technic pieces shaped like triangles that are joined together by flexible joints.

The skin, Zilinski adds, can be stretched out, which is what he and his team of designers and builders did to create identical shapes that make up the body of the LEGO Chiron. The end result looks amazing, but it’s far from the only impressive element of the LEGO Chiron.

Details Of the Full-Scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron Are Incredible
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The life-sized scale LEGO Chiron looks completely realistic, doesn’t it? From afar, you might even confuse it for the actual Chiron, and only when you get up close to it does it reveal itself as a LEGO version. A lion’s share of the credit in that regard goes to the headlamps and taillamps of the LEGO Chiron. Both are made entirely out of LEGO bricks, but they can also light up in the exact sequence of the Chiron’s real dancing lights configuration.

Over at the back, the taillamps and brake lamps light up, as well. It’s this kind of attention-to-detail that makes the LEGO Chiron such an incredible creation.

Care for another surprise? Apparently, not all pieces of this creation are made from LEGO bricks or LEGO Technic pieces. Some of them actually come from Bugatti itself. Zilinski mentioned that the French automaker was very cooperative in the development and build of the LEGO Chiron, even going so far as to supply the actual wheels, tires, and Bugatti badge of the Chiron. “They were super helpful along the way,” Zilinski says. “Not only did they give us the wheels and the badge, but we also got to consult with their engineers and their designers.“

Details Of the Full-Scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron Are Incredible
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See, that’s what’s different about the LEGO Chiron. It’s a LEGO creation through and through, but it probably would’ve looked a lot different if Bugatti wasn’t on board with the whole project.

Arguably the coolest aspect of the LEGO Chiron isn’t the fact that it’s the same size as the real Chiron or that it looks completely like the real thing, it’s that this thing is actually drivable. Now, don’t expect it to carry the Chiron’s 8.0-liter quad-turbo W-16 engine. Subsequently, it also can’t accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds or hit a 258-mph top speed. Both scenarios are impossible because if the LEGO Chiron has that much power and can run at that top speed, it’ll fall apart faster than a leaning tower of Jenga. Instead, it has a powertrain that consists of 2,304 LEGO Power Function parts, 4,032 gear wheels, and 2,016 cross axles, among other pieces. All told, Zilinski estimates that there are more than 20,000 LEGO pieces that make up the engine alone.

The setup sounds insane, but it does produce 5.3 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque.

It’s a far cry from the 1,500-horsepower and 1,180-pound-foot output of the real Chiron, but consider what you’re dealing with here and you’ll realize that it’s impressive on its own that the LEGO Chiron can actually be driven, let alone hit a top speed of 13 mph.

Details Of the Full-Scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron Are Incredible
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For the car to be driven, someone has to sit inside the LEGO Chiron and actually drive it, right? Is that even possible? Yes, it is, and the process of doing that is another example of how incredible this build really is. The LEGO Chiron’s doors can be opened, but you can’t do it traditionally or even to the standards of the real Chiron. The process behind opening the LEGO Chiron’s doors is actually a lot more complicated because you’re going to need to remove a number of LEGO Technic pieces so the doors can fold in with the hinge. Once you get inside, space is admittedly tight, especially for tall people. The seats are far from comfortable, too — apparently, they have no lumbar support — since they are made from thousands of LEGO bricks.

The steering wheel can be detached to create more space to step inside.

Once you do get inside, you can attach the steering wheel back to its column, put on those real seatbelts, and press a button on the steering wheel to start the car.

There’s no denying that the LEGO Bugatti Chiron is wicked cool, but in order for it to come to life, a lot of hours were spent developing and building it. In fact, LEGO designers and builders — there were 16 of them, in total — spent more than 13,000 man hours to complete this build. For a little context, that figure equates to about a total of 541 days. Since there are 16 of them that contributed in this build, it took more than a month —33 days and change — for them to complete this project supposing that they worked around-the-clock to get it done. Factor in an average workday of 8 hours and you’re looking at a build time that stretched well into a couple of months.

Details Of the Full-Scale LEGO Bugatti Chiron Are Incredible
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There’s no shortage of incredible tidbits about the LEGO Bugatti Chiron that simply talking about it doesn’t do justice to the level of awesomeness that went into its creation. Go watch the video, too. Trust me; it’s going to make your day that much more interesting.

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