CHAMCO AUTO, a truly innovative automotive importer, will make a unique, celebrated stop at the 2007 North American International Auto Show on January 10 and 11. CHAMCO AUTO, whose mission is to become the first automotive company to import and distribute vehicles produced by Chinese manufacturers throughout North America, will have an unprecedented vehicle unveiling away from Cobo Hall, at the Cartier Ballroom in the Marriott Hotel on E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit. Unlike any other automotive company, CHAMCO AUTO has distinguished itself from the industry, and set itself apart from other
auto show participants, by:

  • Developing an exclusive partnership with ZXAUTO China, providing the importation of a line of entry-priced vehicles to the North American market. CHAMCO AUTO will import, market and distribute SUVs and pick-ups, starting in late 2007 to mid 2008 into Mexico and the US, and plans to bring in sedans and crossovers one year after that. CHAMCOAUTO is also negotiating with other Chinese car manufacturers to fill out the line.
  • Utilizing a unique business model that dramatically reduces costs by outsourcing a variety of functions to the world’s leading Fortune 500 automotive experts in such areas as transportation and logistics; service, parts and warranty; legal; information technology and marketing.
  • Employing the principle of "shared ownership" to ensure that all key stakeholders involved with CHAMCO AUTO are highly motivated to succeed. These stakeholders include our Chinese car manufacturers, outsourcing providers, executive team and our dealer partners.
  • Only 150 joint venture dealer partners will be selected during our first two years to develop and ensure a superior dealer network for CHAMCO AUTO, with large exclusive territories.

The exciting unveiling of this unheard of entry-level priced line of pickups and SUVs at the 2007 North American International Auto Show, and the opportunity to become a part of this extraordinary event, will showcase the one of a kind opportunity.

"This is an extremely exciting time for CHAMCO AUTO as we prepare to arrive in the city of Detroit for the 2007 North American International Auto Show. The vehicles we will have on display, across the street from the show, are second to none and will offer new and exciting automotive choices priced at least 20% below any and all comparably equipped models from name brand competitors, including other Chinese importers. We invite interested dealers to come and witness history in the making as CHAMCO AUTO takes the Motor City, and the automotive industry, by storm," said Bill Pollack, Chairman of CHAMCO AUTO.

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  (2) posted on 01.14.2007

Chinese cars?? Give me a break!!! I just cannot believe it!!! First the Yugo came to America, then several korean car companies came to populate the entire U.S.A of tons of crap, and now the chinese want a piece of the pie??? I mean, in which direction is America heading? We need to be careful, cause a lot of people are without jobs due to the fact, that most of the companies that at one time were part of the American work force, are now based in China. I don’t really wanna see chinese cars sold here in America. I’m not even an American born, but I love this country as much as any other proud American, and I don’t think that these chinese cars belong in the old U.S.A. period!

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