Detroit Muscle, A CMI-Schneible Group Company, roars into the Detroit Autorama with racing legend Danny Scott’s newly rebuilt, award winning 1967-all-steel body Camaro. Scott, featured in 50 Years of Drag Racing, is credited with helping to establish the "Fastest Street Car Drag Racing" series and is one of the pioneers who paved the way for today’s "Pro-Street" class. Awarded the title the "Consummate Racer", Danny Scott, with the support of Detroit Muscle, has rebuilt this award winning car to its original condition. (Right down to the inscription - - "Mom’s Headache")!

Detroit Muscle Highlights Race Car Legend Danny Scott at Detroit's Autorama
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As CMI-Schneible Group’s Chief Engineer and Technical Advisor, Scott and long time "Award winning racing counterpart", Rick Dyer, Master Car Builder for Detroit Muscle, have integrated their passion, experience and knowledge of the original car with the Detroit Muscle resources to provide quality parts, performance enhancements and restoration. "This labor of love" brought back streams of memories of the award winning experiences from the moment the original car hit the streets! When Danny first spotted his 67 Camaro, "It was just an old car, discarded out in a field," Scott recalls. He decided he wanted to make something special out of this car, recreating a car that was both competitive on the track and able to cruise the streets.

With the support of his family, Scott started to build a "back-half Camaro" that went on to win race after race. Through the establishment of the notorious car, Scott went on to earn the 1999 Pro Street Championship. Danny’s thrilling wheel-stands, low ET’s and great sportsmanship have been highly notable over the years! Scott clearly deserves credit for helping to establish street car classes in this sport. He was awarded "One of the Fastest Street Cars in America" in 1991, 1992, and 1993. Over the past 25 years, Scott has not only provided awesome racing action but has also received the highest racing and editorial accolades. The most prestigious award was being selected as the #1 pick for Hot Rod Magazine’s 25th anniversary edition as their "Top Ten" car over the past 25 years.

Detroit Muscle Highlights Race Car Legend Danny Scott at Detroit's Autorama
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This first generation Camaro was built a little differently than your garden variety 8-second car. Danny wanted a real street car, which meant nothing sticking through the hood, no wings, and no fiberglass parts. He knew it needed roll up windows and an all original exterior and interior parts with safety as a primary feature. Only a handful of truly streetable 8-second street cars have ever competed. This 8-second street car had its own set of rules! Dan’s motor was "poked and stroked" (4.600 x 4.090) out and was fitted on a Sam Gianino — built fat motor displacing 540 cubic inches. Scott says, "Although this Camaro looks as good under the hood as it does on the outside, one peek at the engine and there is no question that ’it was meant to move’!" However, that never deterred Danny and family from taking it out on the street for a spin!
In the spring of 1995, Scott suffered a tragic loss when his famous Camaro was burned to the ground in a garage fire! Scott retrieved the shell and hung it from the rafters in his home barn. After numerous requests about the car from friends and admirers, Scott was encouraged to restore this record breaking street car and started the rebuild in November of 2006.

Detroit Muscle Highlights Race Car Legend Danny Scott at Detroit's Autorama
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With passion driving him, Scott, Dyer, Scott’s family and the entire Detroit Muscle team went to work diligently, to recreate, step by step, each and every part, to meet the deadline for the "New Reveal" of Danny Scott’s legendary "Mom’s Headache" at the Detroit Autorama. Now ready to hit the pavement in show case form, see Danny and his award winning car, along with six other award-winning custom and high performance vehicles, in the Detroit Muscle exhibit at the 55th Annual Detroit Autorama at Cobo Hall on March 9-11, 2007.

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