Di Montezemolo Shoots Down Rumors of a Ferrari Four-Door Supercar

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After Porsche jumped on the bandwagon in making four-door supercars, many enthusiasts were expecting the Prancing Horse from Modena to join in too. But, unfortunately, Ferrari’s CEO and President Luca Di Montezemolo has confirmed to an Italian auto site that such a project is not underway.

Rumors of a four door, less expensive luxury car based on a Maserati Quattroporte and designed along the lines of the Ferrari FF have been circling for several months, with rivals confirming similar projects fueling them. But, as Montezemolo states, "A Ferrari can’t have more than two doors.”

The rumors also suggested that such a car would have a competitive price point, to which he responds "a cheap entry-level Ferrari simply wouldn’t be a Ferrari, period.” This is the reason why there is a brand called Maserati. They’re merely cheaper versions of Ferraris with their styling and badging. Luca goes on to argue that the price point of the Ferrari California is as low as they can go, which is mainly why 70 percent of California owners are new to the Ferrari brand.

To people who were hoping for this rumor was true, we’re sorry. We guess you’re stuck with two-door beauties for now.


Source: Autoedizione

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