One of three of Koenigsegg’s CCXR has found itself in South Africa and is now being sold for a “paltry” $5 million.

As eye-whopping as the number is, this particular Trevita CCXR is not like most Koenigsegg supercars you can find anywhere in the world – and even that is an understatement considering you don’t find a lot of these cars anywhere to begin with.

The reason for the exorbitant price tag is because this particular one – along with two others – comes with a diamond-coated carbon fibre finish, which, if you don’t know, is a unique carbon fiber technique where the individual fibers are coated in a diamond finish.

Combine that with the Trevita CCXR’s gargantuan capability to produce over 1000 horsepower and you have a car that is being sold for a cool $5 mil.
The only thing Koenigsegg needs to worry about now is finding someone that’s prepared to shell out that kind of money for a shiny and glittering supercar.

Thanks to Mike S. for the photos!


Source: Teamspeed

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  (515) posted on 01.4.2010

I don’t see the point why you coated it with a diamond then you will sell that car on the amount that is quite impossible for me to buy(shame on me to say that).

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