It was right there staring at us in the face all this while

Back in February this year, Tesla took part in the Scaled Machine Learning Conference. Tesla’s Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence Andrej Karpathy gave a presentation on the use of artificial intelligence for full self driving.

While the whole presentation is informative and throws light on Tesla’s scaling machine learning models, data algorithms, and infrastructure, there was one particular slide that caught our attention. This showed the whole Tesla range consisting of eight products and the font used to depict them spells out as SEXY CARS. Is this a mere coincidence or an intentional wordplay?

Musk Must Be Singing I’m Sexy And I Know It

Did You Know That All Of Tesla's Products Are Acronymized To Spell SEXY CARS?
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We all know that Musk originally wanted the ‘SEXY’ in Tesla’s portfolio. The Model 3 was supposed to be called the Model E, but Ford shut down the idea before it could even see the light of the day.

For the uninformed, Ford has been applying for a trademark on the “Model E” moniker since 2000. It had been a roller-coaster relationship till 2013, but the Blue Oval decided to stick with it when Tesla applied for it in 2013. Looks like Ford is the jealous, insecure type. Anyway, this led to Tesla naming the car Model 3, but stylized it to look like E. Either way, Musk’s SEXY range was complete.

However, the other products in the company’s lineup are stylized to read as ‘CARS’. That’s C for Cybertruck, A for the All-Terrain Vehicle that was showcased along with the Cybertruck, R for Roadster, and S for the Semi. Tesla can truly say that it has SEXY CARS in its range. This will also help people remember the vehicles in Tesla’s portfolio. Sweet.


Tesla has gotten the SEXY out, but the CARS are yet to come. Which vehicle are you most looking forward to – the unconventional pickup truck, the fancy ATV, the electric sports car, or the all-electric Class-8 truck? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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