Diesel to get a boost

VW, Daimler Chrysler and Audi team up to promote Diesel.

Diesel to made be an issue, with car makers joining forces in promotion.

With all the talk about bio fuels, electrical powered cars and all those other ingenious systems that are coming along all the time designed to save fuel and the planet, we have all appeared to have forgotten about Diesel, once the enemy of the environmentalist, the producers have actually managed to clean up their act and have begun to produce clean burning diesel fuels, which is a much appreciated improvement considering the black smoke that used to bellow out the lorries and vans as they chugged along the roads.

Now we see that Volkswagen AG, Daimler Chrysler AG and Audi AG have teamed up with a view to promote the use of diesel and at the same time promote along side their diesel powered cars and vans no doubt, which of course is business and who can blame them.

Diesel in fact is actually a genuine viable alternative to using regular petrol, yes you do get the top end speed and acceleration as you would with petrol, but then again we are not on a race track, so does that really matter at all, the price per mile is much better than that compared with the petrol driven vehicles and the producers are now making a Bio diesel which will be even cleaner and much better for the environment.

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