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Digital Artist Re-Imagines Lambo’s Upcoming V-12 Hybrid

A raging bull with a V-12 heart is in the works and should arrive by 2023

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The days of a raging bull with a V-12 as we know it are numbered. However, we do know that as a last hurrah, Lambo will pair its naturally aspirated V-12 along with a hybrid system of some sort. Test mules of the Hybrid-V12 Lambo have already been spotted. While that car is still some time away, a digital artist (uness_design) re-imagines the upcoming flagship V-12 Hybrid with these renders. Let’s break down the design.

Hybrid V-12 Lambo Rendered

The front end clearly draws a lot from the Sian FKP 37, a $3 million piece of Italian exotica, that we saw back in May last year. The tail end meanwhile takes inspiration from the one-off Squadra Corse SC18, minus the giant wing, of course. There are enough hexagons and Y’s in this design that one expects from a modern Lambo.

Digital Artist Re-Imagines Lambo's Upcoming V-12 Hybrid Exterior
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We’ve already seen spy shots of what looks like Lambo’s upcoming hybridized V-12

As for the powertrain, the upcoming Hybrid Lambo might feature a Sian-inspired supercapacitor setup, where the naturally aspirated V-12 engine with 774 horsepower works with the hybrid system for a combined output of 808 horsepower. But I expect Lambo to do better than these figures with the upcoming Aventador’s electrified V-12 successor.

We expect our customers to accept these cars – if the promise is kept that the performance of the vehicles is better than that of the previous generation. The combination with the electric drive will bring more power to our vehicles, coupled with a better CO2 balance.” - Stephan Winkelmann, CEO, Lamborghini

What to expect from the folks at Santa Agata Bolognese

Digital Artist Re-Imagines Lambo's Upcoming V-12 Hybrid
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Lambo will offer a V-12-powered exotic paired with a hybrid, one last time. Expect it to feature a setup similar to that of the Sian’s Supercapacitor hybrid setup

Lamborghini is on a bit of a roll-off late. It was just last week that they took the wraps off the new Huracan Technica. In fact, Lambo has sold over 20,000 Huracans so far, a major milestone for the Italian supercar maker. The Urus is also due for an update. Expect two new versions with the facelift version dubbed the EVO and a Urus Hybrid.

All this, before Lamborghini starts to make the $1.8 billion transition toward electrification. The entire lineup will be hybridized by 2025 and we can expect to see an all-electric Lambo before 2030. As for the survival of the V-12 synthetic fuels can be an option. Sister brand,Porsche will run a twin-turbo V-8 on renewable fuel at Le Mans., that seems to hold some promise. Italy meanwhile has asked for an exemption from the all-out 2035 combustion engine in the EU for low-volume high-end sports car makers like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Time will tell how this plays out. Watch this space.

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