Still not a Mustang, but less of a high-riding crossover anyway

There’ve been a lot of voices speaking against Ford’s decision to use the Mustang moniker on a crossover, be it a fully-electric one, in tandem with a second name, derived from the iconic Mach 1 nameplate. Some say Ford’s naming gamble might cost the company in the long term, but we’re not here to discuss that.

Today, we stumbled upon a digitally rendered Mach-E that in our view, is closer to what the Mustang name entails. Albeit still a crossover, you’ll see that the vehicle tweaked tastefully by Abimelec Design oozes a lot more sportiness than the real Mach-E EV.

A Lower ride height and new wheels can go a long way

A set of wheels, ride height and the right color can go a long way, don’t you think? 🤟🏻 . . . . . . . . #ford #mustang #mach #e #ev #electric #lowered #volk #rays #te37 #modified #silver #3d #rendering

Posted by Abimelec Design on Saturday, April 18, 2020

Wheel design is arguably one of the visual factors that can make or break a car. Now, we’re not saying that Ford fitted the Mach-E with bland-looking wheels. Because it didn’t. It’s the exterior color range that needs more gusto, should you ask for our two cents.

Apparently, Abimelec Design is of the same opinion, since he laid out a chrome-y silver shade on the Mach-E’s body with a little help from his little editing friend - that would be Photoshop, of course.

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In the process, the Mach-E also got a lower suspension setup that sends it closer to the ground and the beneficial effect of this design trick is immediately visible.

The crossover looks a lot sportier, planted, and ready to burn some rubber. Perhaps it’s the racy wheel design that adds the finishing touches here, but nonetheless, the newfound attire suits the Mach-E very well and finally turns it into a vehicle whose concept is more in line with the legendary naming scheme it inherited.

Coming back to real life, if everything goes according to plan for Ford, Mach-E production should commence in the fall of 2020, followed by media test drives.

Digitally Tuned Ford Mach-E Is Closer To the Notion of a Mustang
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As far as deliveries are concerned, the first owners might get their cars as soon as December 2020 or early 2021. That’s a big IF, however, since the coronavirus outbreak will likely move that timeline further down the road.

Ford Mach-E Performance
Battery Type Drive Type Performance Horsepower and torque
Select Standard Range Rear-Wheel Drive 255 HP / 306 LB-FT
Select Standard Range All-Wheel Drive 255 HP / 417 LB-FT
Premium Standard Range Rear-Wheel Drive 255 HP / 306 LB-FT
Premium Standard Range All-Wheel Drive 255 HP / 417 LB-FT
Premium Extended Range Rear-Wheel Drive 282 HP / 306 LB-FT
Premium Extended Range All-Wheel Drive 332 HP / 417 LB-FT
First Edition Extended Range All-Wheel Drive 332 HP / 417 LB-FT
California Route 1 Extended Range Rear-Wheel Drive 282 HP / 306 LB-FT
GT Performance Extended Range All-Wheel Drive 459 HP / 612 LB-FT
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