The Tucker is perhaps the most famous, but it may not deserve the accolade: biggest automotive fraud in history. Preston Tucker may actually have intended upon building that car. Certainly John DeLorean did, when he started out. In fact, he built a lot of them.
But there’s no DiMora on the street.
Yet, it’s in the news – again.
It certainly is in the competition. The latest press release from the company says that DiMora has a new computer company tie-in:
"The Natalia’s [that’s the name of the car that DiMora is supposedly to manufacture] technology will be driven by the most sophisticated computer systems ever used in a production automobile. The driver and passengers will have an incredible array of navigation, communications, entertainment, business, and educational capabilities. The heart of this versatility will be computers by Azentek. These computers will each have multi-core processors, gigabytes of memory, and over a terabyte of digital storage. Constantly linked to the internet through multiple communications channels, these computers can respond to virtually any need or whim."
Ford is working with Microsoft, but DiMora is working with Azentek.
Azentek? It appears to be a company about which no one much knows, ostensibly committed to the “ultra mobile personal computer,” which appears to be basically a pc built into the back of a seat cushion. A quick Google establishes that most of its publicity is in connection with the DiMora.
The DiMora has a rich legacy in the annals of cars never built, some of which were never intended to be built.
The current reigning champion is the “Dale.”
In the mid-1970’s, all of those magazines written by journalists who have always believed Detroit has conspired to give us cars with low mileage, rejoiced in the forthcoming Dale: 70 mpg at $2,450. And that was possible because it had only three wheels, somehow.
To add to the charm, a woman was the chief executive officer. Elizabeth Carmichael, the 37 year old widow of a NASA engineer.
It turned out that the Dale was a scam and that Ms. Carmichael was actually not a lady. Not even a woman. So, they sent her to a federal prison for men, after the fraud convictions.
But the DiMora is designed to appeal to a different segment of the market, that for cars retailing at $2 million. 
Yes, that would be the market for a car four times more expensive than the most costly Rolls-Royce available today, manufactured by a company that’s never made a car and is operated by a guy who’s other claim to fame is that he wants to build the world’s biggest Ferris wheel in Las Vegas.

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