Dinan Cars has revealed a new tuning program for the BMW M3 coupe. The tuner updated the engine to deliver an impressive 527 HP and 407 lbs-ft of torque. To obtain the extra 113 hp the added a Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake and bored out High Flow Throttle Bodies.

Also the tuner upgraded the suspension with new springs, front anti-swaybar, Carbon Fiber Front Strut Braces and Racing Rear Toe Links.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The M3 name by itself carries a lot of weight in the automotive world, sitting at the top of the 3 Series line as BMWs sportiest offering. An impressive car right out of the box, with details like a carbon fiber roof, powerful brakes and an electronically adjustable suspension that are reserved only for the M badge. 

Dinan S3-R M3 Drivetrain
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The Dinan S3-R M3 takes the M3 to a whole new level, hiding under the conspicuous hood is 527 horsepower and 407 foot-pounds of torque, up 113 horsepower from the stock engine. The stock V8 engine is bored and stroked for a gain of 608cc of displacement. The Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake and bored out High Flow Throttle Bodies add more oxygen rich air while the Middle Racing Exhaust and the connected High Flow Exhaust let the spent gasses exit with ease. And the story does not end at the engine like so many of these stories do but continues on to the practical, with suspension upgrades to match the newly found power and the massive amount of rubber now beneath it. 

Dinan’s wheel and tire combination put 275/30 tires on the front and 295/30 tires in the rear on a one piece forged wheel that weighs just 19 lbs, significantly reducing unsprung weight. To handle the power and torque delivered to the larger wheels the suspension was upgraded with new springs, front anti-swaybar, Carbon Fiber Front Strut Braces and Racing Rear Toe Links to put the power to the ground. The E92 M3 carries the tag line on the BMWNA website that "racecars shouldn’t be confined to race tracks", Dinan could not agree more.

Dinan S3-R M3 Exterior
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Inspired by 30 years of BMW performance tuning, the Dinan S3-R M3 features a carefully engineered, balanced high performance package for the M3, backed by the only warranty on the market that matches the manufacturer coverage for up to 4 years/50,000 miles. The Dinan S3-R M3 offers remarkable performance that can be enjoyed without the fear of compromising warranty coverage or the reliability expected of a BMW automobile.

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  (1333) posted on 03.21.2010

Simple outside but monstrous inside, dinan don’t focus much more on the aero dynamic. Well, I guess engine performance is enough to gain a high quality and sports performance of the M3.

  (1333) posted on 03.21.2010

BMW is one reliable car manufacturer. Even in those heavy engines that you can always count that the cars are great machines.

  (504) posted on 03.19.2010

Nice, I really like it on how simple colors like white and black can make cars look cool. Add a cool body kit like that of this car and surely it will be a good car. Well, from where I’m at, people doesn’t really like to put that much blings on their cars, a simple tuning or customization like that one can be candy for them.

  (461) posted on 03.18.2010

Super carbon kits are added. For sure this m3’s weight is totally reduced to 20-25%.

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