Driver Austin Williams somehow managed to walk away

At this point, the inherent risks that come with being a race car driver is clearly apparent to all of us. Whether it’s a Formula One car, a NASCAR stock car, or in this case, a dirt car, it’s always important to be safe in a racing environment lest you wind up like 25-year old Austin Williams, who was launched 22 feet into the air after his car tipped over and took a bad bounce on the dirt track.

Not only did Williams and his dirt car soar to the sky, but the car actually flipped over five times as it elevated high enough to actually clear a 22-foot catch fence, landing on the other side of the fence upside down. Fortunately, Williams managed to escape the horrifying ordeal under his own power as track officials quickly converged to make sure that he wasn’t hurt.

The crash occurred at the Perris Auto Speedway track in California over the weekend, and while everyone is happy that Williams was able to walk away from the crash alive, it could have turned out worse for the driver if the proper safety measures weren’t in place at the time of his crash. In fact, some people think that the car clipping the other side of the fence as it went down may have stopped its momentum, thus keeping it from crashing harder to the ground.

We’re just as happy to see that Williams didn’t suffer any injuries from the harrowing episode. It could’ve turned out bad for him, but thankfully, the racing gods were smiling at him that day.


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