Military surplus F-350 + 54-inch tires = GREATNESS

Leave it to the guys at Dirt Every Day to concoct this madness. What do you do with a crew cab, log box military surplus truck powered by an asthmatic small-block Ford V-8 that nobody wants to buy – even after appearing in a magazine build? Well if you’re Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle, you cut the fenders and bolt on a set of 54-inch Mickey Thompson tires.

That’s exactly what happened.

Fred’s tired old 1993 Ford F-350 needed something… different. He and his build crew already swapped its differential gears and mounted a set of BF Goodrich Baja T/A tires on military beadlock wheels, but were left with little love for the old beater truck. It was relegated to Craigslist where no one wanted it. That’s when the idea struck. Monster Truck

The DED team spent three days transforming the pickup into a massive wall of rubber and metal. A new 4:1 transfer case doubled the crawl ratio and a new hydraulic steering system made the Ford drive like a John Deere. Over-boosted steering and all, Fred and Chappelle took off to the desert in search of the most extreme rock crawling around. I won’t spoil the fun, but let’s just say the truck’s body doesn’t remain unscathed.

Kick back, crank the sound, and enjoy this 24-minute show.


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