Developed by Rainbow Studios, the software house that brought you the MX vs. ATV series, Cars has been given more focus on actually being a quality product than we’ve seen from most licensed games as of late, and that alone has kept us interested for the past few months. Though the final product might not be all we were hoping for, we’re still quite happy to report that Cars is still leagues above the norm, providing a pretty solid iteration of the franchise that will accompany the movie quite well.

Play as your favorite characters as you help Lightning McQueen capture the coveted Piston Cup Championship in this game based on the Disney/Pixar movie.


  • Story-based racing adventure game relives key movie moments
  • More than 10 playable characters from the film
  • Open-world environment with more than 30 races and minigames
  • Cut scenes created expressly for the game feature the voices of the movie’s stars, including Owen Wilson, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt
  • Unlockables include additional cars, concept art and movie stills

Want to get behind the wheel of some cars with some real character? Disney/Pixar Cars definitely has lots of character, and you’ll be able to race as all of them. Whether you play as Lightning, Tow Mater, Sally, Darrell Cartrip or any of the other playable characters in Cars, get ready to step on the accelerator for fun.

You won’t long for anything to do in Radiator Springs. In Story Mode, you start as Lightning, a young hot-rod who wants to make the Piston Cup circuit. As you take on various challenges around Radiator Springs, you open up new races and minigames in which you’ll play as other characters in Cars. You’ll go Tractor Tipping with Mater, learn powersliding from Doc and help Lizzie get her postcards back.

The game features plenty of bonus content, including concept art from the movie. As you earn points in the game, you’ll also get a chance to unlock different characters and paint jobs for those characters. As you unlock minigames and races in Story Mode, those events become playable outside the main game in the Arcade menu. Additionally, two players can race or compete in minigames.

Cars does a nice job of introducing young gamers to the racing genre and the upgrades fans of the genre like to make to their rides. The gameplay is simple enough for young children to play, and the Arcade mode allows you to bump up the difficulty if you’re making quick work of the other rigs.

Cars isn’t just a middling cash-in on the license. It’s a legitimately fun piece of work that combines driving game components with an open-ended gameworld and a host of goofy minigames that aren’t broken, tacked-on, or otherwise unpleasant. It also manages to capture the heart and humor of the film pretty well, thanks in no small part to the great character animation and use of the entire celebrity voice cast from the movie.

Just in case you haven’t seen the movie, Cars is about a world of, well, cars. These are cars with faces, unique personalities, and no human drivers to get in the way. The story focuses around an up-and-comer in stock car racing named Lightning McQueen. Lightning is the next big thing in racing, but when he inadvertently wreaks havoc in the sleepy burg of Radiator Springs on his way to his next race, Lightning finds himself stuck with these country bumpkins, learning inevitable lessons of life and love. You don’t necessarily need to know any of this going into the video game version of cars, but it helps to have seen the movie first, since Cars the game actually takes place after the movie’s plotline. The vast majority of the principal characters from the movie, as well as their associated voice actors, are on hand here for an entirely original tale that sees Lightning working his way through the new racing season against his rival, Chick Hicks (voiced to twitchy perfection by Michael Keaton). It’s a cute story that’s got a good bit of humor, and anybody who liked the movie ought to be able to get into it easily.

As far as how Cars plays, imagine Grand Theft Auto if you never got out of the car (or, at least something along those lines). Radiator Springs isn’t a particularly huge area, but spread across it are multiple locales that you, as Lightning McQueen, can drive to in order to acquire missions. You typically only have a few missions available to you at a time, and some missions are only unlockable after you complete an entire story chapter’s worth of missions, but generally you can just kind of drive about the area with freedom, collecting bonus points and other hidden items as you go.

Though Cars will almost certainly take you well under 10 hours to complete, there’s two-player multiplayer to mess with, as well as some bonus materials to check out. Not to mention that the quality of Cars’ content is enough to make up for its relatively short stature. It’s hardly the next big thing in driving games, but it still manages to deliver the most authentic Pixar film experience to the video game medium of any previous attempt, and it’s certainly one of the better kid-oriented games to come out this year.

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  (466) posted on 05.12.2011

I tried playing this game and I am amazed with the graphics and the characters were so hilarious. I only tried playing it alone so that I can make a selection which character to choose to play the race. You better finish the race so that you can unlock the mini games hidden on this game.

  (6021) posted on 03.6.2008

yer we no

  (6021) posted on 11.20.2006

this game

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