The DMC has set the date — 12/12/12 — when it will officially unveil what is now becoming a highly anticipated, special-edition Lamborghini Aventador. This particular model took its inspiration from another one-off Aventador, the Aventador J, and is being touted as a nuttier model than the 900-horsepower Aventador Molto Veloce.

In the weeks leading up to the unveiling, DMC Tuning released a couple of teaser photos of the Aventador getting prepped by company engineers. The latest to come out gives us a pretty good look at the front end of the Italian supercar, which appears to have been completely turned into carbon fiber.

Seeing this makes us wonder if DMC still has more of those carbon-fiber components lying around its garage; we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the Italian supercar’s rear end gets the same oversized carbon-fiber bumper as the front. Heck, at this point, it won’t shock us if the entire body was turned into carbon fiber!

DMC has yet to reveal any details regarding the performance numbers of this special edition Aventador. Make no mistake about it, we expect an output of at least 900 horsepower. Wouldn’t make sense to tout this build so much and have it end up being less powerful than the Molto Veloce, right?


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