Completely Camouflaged Screaming Ferrari FXX K Evo Spotted On The Nurburgring

Spy photographers at the Nurburgring have caught Ferrari testing the FXX K Evo. As no one expects the Italians to create an even fiercer version of it, the wholly camouflaged FXX K Evo is a surprising sight at the very least. However, the whole ideology behind the Ferrari XX line of cars opens a whole world of possibilities. Created for specific customers that are a part of Ferrari’s Corse Clienti race program, the FXX K Evo cars are, more or less, a laboratory on wheels, and a testbed for Ferrari’s latest technologies. After all, a lot of the technology that Ferrari develops in its racing series (F1, GT3, or Challenge series) eventually migrate to the FXX series of cars. It has been the same jazz since 2004 when Ferrari introduced the first Enzo-based FXX.

Why is Ferrari Testing This FXX K Evo Prototype on the Nürburgring?

Do These Spy Shots Prove That There's a Special Edition of the Ferrari FXX K Evo On the Way?
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Back in 2016, after Ferrari introduced the FXX K, Enrico Galliera, Ferrari commercial director, explained the philosophy of the FXX K cars. In its talks with the, Galliera said:

"Y’know, the philosophy of the company is that as soon as we introduce a new product, we then immediately start working on how we can improve it next time. So, even for the FXX K, we are thinking about potential evolutions, but we don’t have it yet. As soon as our technical development identify something that can make a big improvement, we will evaluate it, but at the moment we don’t have anything…
We are now completing the final deliveries of FXXK, and once we finish build and delivery, then we will really start work on how to improve it."

While we did see the evolution of the FXX K, Galliera’s comment tells us that nothing prevents Ferrari from updating the FXX K Evo.

Do These Spy Shots Prove That There's a Special Edition of the Ferrari FXX K Evo On the Way?
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Previously, Ferrari picked up massive amounts of telemetry data from customers and racing drivers of the FXX K.

This data showed that, at high speed, the hypercar wasn’t as planted and as composed as intended, eventually leading to the development of the FXX K Evo. It gained the latest aerodynamic trickery for maximum downforce.

That is why it has a sizeable back wing, F1-styled central fin, and differently shaped bumpers. With such measures in place, the Ferrari FXX K Evo can produce more than 600 kilograms of downforce at 124 mph. That’s 25-percent more than the FXX K. Thus, I tried really hard to figure out any differences between the Ferrari FXX K Evo, and the version currently testing at the Nurburgring. I wasn’t successful. There aren’t any differences.

Do These Spy Shots Prove That There's a Special Edition of the Ferrari FXX K Evo On the Way?
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This does not mean that Ferrari sent the car to lap the ’Ring a few times just for the sake of it. I am sure the Italians are testing something - maybe a propulsion system, a transmission, or a new suspension setup. Whatever it is, Ferrari doesn’t have to share any of it with us. But if eventually does, you will know about it.

What Are We Missing?

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I know that all of the car-world wants to see the fastest Ferrari lap the Nurburgring. While nothing is impossible in the world today, it is doubtful that this camouflaged FXX K Evo prepares for such a feat. It is more likely that Ferrari magicians seek further improvement on the performance of their most extreme car.

Some even speculate that Ferrari decided to develop the road-going version of the FXX K Evo.

Considering that the company did not want to hear anything about it in the past, this is unlikely as well. After all, there’s only one road-legal Ferrari from the XX line of cars - the Enzo-based FXX that went through the conversion. If by some wonder Ferrari works on a road-legal FXX K Evo, be advised that that one would be the quickest and the fastest Ferrari of all time.

Remember, we are talking here about the most extreme interpretation of the LaFerrari’s architecture.

6 Facts You Have To Know About The Astounding Ferrari FXX K Evo

2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Same output as FXX-K
  • The FXX K Evo has a naturally aspirated V-12 that develops 848 horsepower. Additionally, Ferrari equipped it with the Hy-Kers kinetic-energy recovery system that adds 187 horsepower for a combined output of 1,036 horsepower.
  • The Ferrari FXX K Evo generates 1,411 pounds of downforce at 124 mph and exceeds 1,829 pounds at the car’s red-line speed.
  • The FXX K Evo tips the scales at a bit over 2,700 pounds.
  • The estimated price for a Ferrari FXX K Evo is $5 million, so a newer, better version would be more expensive than that.
  • The Ferrari FXX K Evo can reach a top speed of at least 217 mph
  • The FXX K Evo competes with the McLaren P1 GTR and with the Aston Martin Vulcan

Ferrari FXX K Evo drivetrain specifications

Engine V12, 65°
Bore and stroke 94 x 75.2 mm
Overall displacement 6262 cm3
Compression ratio 13.5:1
Max. power output 1,036 hp
Max. torque >900 Nm
Power output - ICE 848 hp @ 9200 rpm
Max. rpms 9400 rpm
Max. torque - ICE 750 Nm @6500 rpm
Power output - electric motor 187 hp
F1 dual-clutch transmission 7-speed
Top Speed 217 mph

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