You need to have serious guts to set that blistering pace

The Dodge Challenger isn’t a stranger to setting record times. It’s also been prominently featured in drag races, drift runs, and the occasional movie appearances. Clearly, there’s very little that Dodge’s resident muscle car has yet to accomplish. One thing it hasn’t done though is set a record time on ice, which brings us to the 2016 Arsunda Speed Weekend in Stockholm, Sweden.

There, Exclusive Cars brought with them the gnarly Challenger Hellcat in an attempt to set a world record time on ice. Swedish racing driver Alx Danielsson — that’s his real first name — took the wheel of the stock Challenger Hellcat for this particular run. The only modifications made on the Challenger Hellcat were the addition of studded tires, which makes sense since it’s going to need as much traction as it can get on the icy strip.

This video is an extended look at Danielsson’s run, which saw blast past the speed trap at 170 mph while averaging 162 mph over a full kilometer. Exclusive Cars claims that this is a world record run on ice, and while that may be true in some respects — maybe some kind of technical category — the actual world record was set in March 2013 by Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres using an Audi RS6 that clocked in a top speed of 208.6 mph, beating the previous record of 206.1 mph that it also set in 2011.

Still, the achievements of Danielsson and Exclusive Cars shouldn’t be dismissed. Most people don’t have the wits to drive 170 mph on a dry surface, let alone on a slippery and icy one. Besides, it’s not as easy as it looks either. As accomplished as Danielsson is as a race car driver, the way he was fighting that steering wheel by simply trying to keep the car on a straight line is impressive enough in its own right.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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