In just a few months after its explosive launch, the the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat has become one of the most talked about American cars in the past few months. There are plenty of reasons for that, but being the most powerful production muscle car in history is certainly one of the biggest. Powered by an old-school, 6.2-liter, HEMI V-8 that develops a gargantuan 707 horsepower and a tire-torturing 650 pound-feet of torque, the Challenger Hellcat could very well be the most impressive Dodge in history, even stealing a bit of glory from the equally-bonkers Viper and all its versions.

To take such a monster and pit it against your average 1990s supercar in a straight line would probably be unfair... for the supercar, which is why even today it would be hard to find a direct rival for the 707-horsepower Hellcat. The boys from the Drive YouTube channel, now with Alex Roy as an added presenter, decided to organize a more unusual drag race involving the most powerful version of the Dodge Challenger. Unfortunately, the result my be a bit too expected even before the actual race, because Drive saw fit to race the Hellcat against... an F16 fighter jet.

To make matters worse, it was pouring rain on the Homestead Airforce Base, where the challenge between the two vehicles took place. In other words, the Hellcat was pretty much toast from the beginning, despite the F16 accelerating much slower during the first few yards. Nevertheless, the resulting footage is pretty awe-inspiring even with the added rain drops (or especially with the rain, some would say), despite not presenting an actual "car versus plane" race.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat High Resolution Exterior
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