We’ve seen a lot of really cool desktop computers over the years, but never have we encountered something that totally reeks of awesomeness, that is, until we chanced upon this Dodge Charger SRT8-inspired desktop computer from PC Rides.

This computer is, without question, a must-have for every car-blogging, auto-website surfing piston head on the face of this earth. Seriously. We’re not even kidding.

And it’s not like this desktop is something straight out of a novelty bin. Just like a real Charger SRT8, this desktop has a ton of power under its hood…err…casing. What’s more, you can find all the necessary desktop features at the most amazing of places. For starters, that front bumper is more than just a design, it’s actually the optical drive where you can insert all your CDs and such. The headlights turn on everytime you power up and if that’s not cool enough, at the back of the ‘car’, where the rear lights and exhaust should be, has some of the basic plug-in bases you need in a desktop, including DVI, HDMI, audio and network ports, VGA, and last but not least, six independent USB ports.

And just as if you’re piecing together a real Charger SRT8, the desktop version can be fine tuned depending on your performance preference. Base prices go at around $1,850 with the tricked-out versions hovering in and around $2,495.

It’s a little steep for desktop computer, especially now when prices for PCs are dropping like flies. Nevertheless, the idea of owning one – especially if you consider yourself a pistonhead – sure makes spending over $2,000 on a desktop computer seem worth it.


Source: Autoblog

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  (367) posted on 08.18.2010

Cool! Haha, can I also get a corvette?

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