Is Dodge overhyping the Challenger SRT Demon?

Dodge is really trying to boast its upcoming Challenger SRT Demon with a new video every week that comes complete with at least one cryptic message. The problem is that there are quite a few negative comments floating around now that we know a little more about the Demon. First off, the front passenger and rear seats will be deleted as will things like the trunk lining and most of the speakers. But, what’s really triggering negativity is how Dodge is going about some of its weight reduction processes. It’s replacing the solid sway bars with smaller, hollow units, and it’s using a smaller brake setup as opposed to going with carbon or ceramic units. Be that as it may, Dodge still thinks the Demon is going to be a big hit, and the fourth teaser video shows us a crate that will come with the Demon that is loaded with a number of Demon-branded tools and other paraphernalia that is said to help make the car flexible so that it can perform on the street or on the track.

According to Dodge, the crate comes with direct connection Demon performance parts, Demon-branded track tools, matching Demon spare wheels, and a Demon track pack system. There’s no word on exactly what tools are included, but the video showcases a torque wrench, battery-powered impact, and a floor jack. At the very end of the video, we see one end of a five-point harness sticking out of the box, so it’s safe to assume that’s part of the track pack system. It’s a pretty cool idea, and would certainly look nice sitting in my garage, but it also seems like Dodge is taking a play out of BMW’s playbook and trying to scrape together some extra cheddar from fanboys that are willing to pay extra for something a little different. After all, the Challenger itself is a decade old at this point and is long overdue for a redesign.

On a side note, I want to point out that the press release that accompanies the video also includes a shot of the personalized plate that will be riveted to each Demon crate. But, this plate is hiding another one of Dodge’s cryptic messages. The name shouldn’t come as a surprise to some, but for those of you who don’t know, Tom Coddington has a long history with Dodge and is credited for helping to make it the brand it is today. As for the numbers, the serial number of 0757 could point to the horsepower output of the Demon, which would put it at exactly 50 ponies higher than its Hellcat sibling. As for the Vin, on the other hand, it could be a release date (Nov 21, 2017) while some say that it points to the car having 1,121 pound-feet of torque. The latter seems a little outrageous, but these days anything is possible.

With that said, go ahead and click play on the video, then let us know what you think about all of this in the comments section below.


Press Release

Performance cars share common goals – it’s true, and some more than others, but it’s also true every one of them favors one performance target over another. When you shift the focus from all performance cars to muscle cars, design and engineering choices still must be made regarding whether to favor street manners, drag strip capability, road course handling or a balance of each.

Twenty-two days into the pre-launch campaign, the general consensus seems to be that the Challenger SRT Demon is a single-seat, gutted-out, purpose-built drag car. But this week’s teaser video starts to bring the Challenger SRT Demon’s true mission more clearly into focus.

Dodge Drops Fourth Teaser For The Challenger SRT Demon
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The Challenger SRT Demon provides a platform from which each customer can design their own ultimate “Street/Strip” muscle car. It’s not intended for a road course; rather, each customer can decide at the time of order, or once they own the car, or even on a moment’s notice that they want their car to favor street performance, drag strip performance or something in between.

The key is building in the capability and flexibility and then giving the customer access to the right gear for the job.

Dodge Drops Fourth Teaser For The Challenger SRT Demon
- image 704184

This new teaser video, titled “Crate,” unlocked February 2, contains clues to the dual purpose of the Challenger SRT Demon.

What’s in the custom-painted Demon Crate?

Eighteen components that maximize the Challenger SRT Demon’s flexibility, exclusivity and future collectability:

Direct Connection Demon Performance Parts
Demon-branded track tools
Matching Demon spare wheels
Demon Track Pack System

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