Both ads make use of Dodge’s new "Domestic. Not Domesticated" tag line

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles hasn’t had the most flattering few months. From reports that it could be involved in the next scandal to hit the auto industry to recalls of its vehicles and potential high-profile lawsuits stemming from these recalls, it’s safe to say that FCA has had better days. Fortunately, there are some silver linings within the company and none have shined brighter - and roared louder - than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Ever since the Challenger Hellcat went on sale in 2014, it has continuously been one of the more popular models to come out of Dodge. That popularity remains to this day as the high-powered muscle car continues to sell well and that’s a big reason why FCA is going into overdrive in promoting the Challenger Hellcat with a pair of new commercials that speaks to the menacing spirit of the muscle car.

The first ad is called Dodge Warning is the more straight-forward of the two ads. It’s got a pretty simple premise that’s centered on the Charger Hellcat’s blinking hazard lights and a voice-over hastily narrating the potential health risks of driving a Challenger Hellcat. The soliloquy has its humorous moments, but the ad is meant for viewers to keep their focus on the blinking lights until Metallica’s “Fuel” kicks in, followed by a prop explosion that also reveals the rear sides of the Charger and Durango flanking the Challenger Hellcat.

The second of the two ads is called Unleashed and this one has Hollywood production value written all over it. It actually looks more like a blockbuster trailer right down to the cheap imitation of Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs character in the Fast & Furious franchise. But the real star of the ad is the robotic metal cat, Dodge’s not-so-subtle interpretation of the Challenger Hellcat. The ad starts with the cat being transported from the “Dodge Research Lab” to downtown Detroit where it’s unleashed to race to a painted finish line. Not surprisingly, the robot cat’s roar resembles the same rip-roaring noise of the Challenger Hellcat’s Hemi engine and as the cat races to the finish line, it slowly transforms into the muscle car.

Both ads are touting Dodge’s new “Domestic. Not Domesticated” tag line and if both ads play through that message in their own unique way.


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