In a lunch sponsored by Dodge at the Economic Club of Chicago just outside the Chicago Auto Show, the company unveiled a sketch of what could be a new compact car the brand is planning on creating in the future.
Presented by Dodge head honcho and Chrysler Senior VP Ralph Giles, the sketch resembles a three-door compact hatchback whose sleek and swooping design has led to speculation that the car might show up at a future auto show as a new concept.

There are no further details as to what Dodge has in store for the concept so it’s anybody’s guess really as to when – or if – the potential compact car will be released in the future. Other than showing off the sketch of the car, Dodge is keeping their cards close to their vests on this one.

What we do know is that when Fiat took over Chrysler, one of the Italian auto giant’s first points of emphasis was to add a compact segment to a number of Chrysler-owned brands, most notably that of Dodge. Taking from this, we’re guessing that the sketch they showed at the Economic Club of Chicago will be the first of what promises to be many versions of the promised Dodge compact vehicle.


Source: Dodge

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  (544) posted on 02.18.2010

It’s a pretty neat looking car, but the question is, will people still be going for compact car at that year when hybrid and other engine technology will be better. I mean when regular sized cars will have the same mileage as those of small cars.

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