Dodge’s Super Bowl Ad highlights Charger as ’Man’s Last Stand’

While the perception in society points to men becoming “tied-down” after they get hitched, we should all be reminded that perception isn’t always reality. It seems a little short-sighted and naive to think that men have become a little too predictable once we become domesticated.

That being said, as far as the new Dodge Super Bowl commercial is concerned, they seem to think that all men, no matter the course of action they take, will, at some point in time, end up on sort of leash in their lives.

But as the ad puts it in the end, men will abide by the rules for as long as they have something - even just one thing - to go crazy about.

And for Dodge, that ‘one thing to go crazy about’ is the new Charger.

On some levels, we cringe at thought of seeing men – husbands, specifically – get stereotyped in the way Dodge did it. But on the other hand, we can all agree that, while some men do indeed fall on that label, the thought of speeding off on a new Dodge Charger is something a lot of us do go crazy about.


Source: Dodge

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  (1211) posted on 07.14.2011

haha! A man can really do anything for a Dodge Charger. But I think, I won’t do such thing just to ride one.

Naterade22  (238) posted on 02.9.2010

Chargers are junk. I know because I’ve driven some and heard plenty of reports of reliability and driveability. They’re weak cars that are way to heavy and poorly designed to have quick acceleration and good handling. And its a dodge.

Naterade22  (780) posted on 02.8.2010

it could be one form of escape or entertainment for a married man but I don’t think that all men are into muscle cars or cars at all. There are still those who would love to engage in sport and those who likes to gamble.

Naterade22  (1333) posted on 02.8.2010

well i really don’t know what dodge wants to present but comparing the charger to Mustang I’ll place my bet to the Mustang GT. it looks more aggressive and can dominate the it’s competitors.

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