• Dodge Viper 25th Anniversary Editions Sold Out Within Hours

Set to get the axe in 2017, the Viper is selling like hot cakes

In late June 2016, Dodge announced four special-edition versions of the Viper as part of the sports car’s 25th anniversary celebrations, which also marks the end of production after the 2017 model year. Although slow sales is one of the main reasons why Dodge is discontinuing the Viper, the brand has announced that all limited-edition models have been sold out within a couple of days.

Specifically, the 1:28 Edition ACR, built in just 28 units, sold out within 40 minutes, while the VooDoo II Edition ACR, produced in 31 examples, sold out within two hours. All Snakeskin Edition GTC and GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR cars, built in 25 and 100 units, respectively, sold out within two ordering days. Quite impressive given that all these special-edition vehicles are based on cars that fetch in excess of $120,000 before options.

What’s more, Dodge is taking advantage of the sales frenzy and is introducing, following customer requests, a Snakeskin variant of the ACR. Production for Snakeskin ACR Edition will be limited to only 31 units and, based on the success of the Snakeskin Edition GTC, will probably sell out before you will finish reading this article. Well not exactly given that orders for this model will open in mid-July, but you get my drift.

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Why it matters

The fact that the Viper can spur such excitement is definitely good news, but it has a lot to do with the fact that the sports car will be no more after the 2017 model year. This is where things become a bit sad, as it turns out that the Viper still has plenty of potential on the market. Sure, sales are definitely too slow for the kind of profits FCA wants right now, but the numbers aren’t bad for a niche dedicated to enthusiasts that want a true driver’s car instead of a technology-packed box on wheels. Not that it matters, though, as FCA has already sealed the Viper’s unfortunate fate.

On the flipside, some Vipers will become highly sought-after collectibles once the nameplate gets the axe, and these limited special-edition models will definitely be among them. Granted, they probably won’t be as expensive as first-generation cars and older ACR and other limited-edition models, but they won’t be cheap either.

2016 Dodge Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR

2016 Dodge Viper GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR
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Press Release

In Response to Customer Requests New Snakeskin ACR Added to Special-edition Viper Lineup

1:28 Edition ACR (American Club Racer) – all 28 units sold out within 40 minutes
VoooDoo II Edition ACR – all 31 units sold out within two hours
Snakeskin Edition GTC – all 25 units sold out within two ordering days
GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR – all 100 units sold out within two ordering days
Orders for the 2017 limited-edition models opened on Friday, June 24
Responding to customer requests, Dodge is introducing Snakeskin ACR Edition and will build as many as 31 units

June 30, 2016 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Dodge Vipers certainly do go fast, both literally and figuratively. After first going on sale Friday, June 24, 206 special-edition 2017 Dodge Vipers designed with exclusive content to celebrate the 25th anniversary and final year of Viper production are totally sold out.

Leading the selling spree was the new 1:28 Edition ACR. All 28 units sold out in just 40 minutes. All 31 units of the VoooDoo II Edition ACRs had new owners within two hours. The Snakeskin Edition GTC (25 units) and GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR (100 units) took only two ordering days to sell out. All 22 units of the Dodge Dealer Edition ACR sold out within five ordering days.

"From just 40 minutes to five days, the 25th Anniversary special-edition Dodge Vipers sold out incredibly fast, insuring their future collectability,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Cars – Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA – North America. “Our customers are asking, so we’re adding one more special edition — the Dodge Viper Snakeskin ACR.”

An all-new ACR version of the Snakeskin Edition will be made available with up to 31 units to continue the 25th Viper Anniversary celebration. Orders for the Snakeskin ACR special edition will open in mid-July.

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