Well if the Viper is for sale, the price may have just gone up. On August 18, Dodge Viper ACR established a new Nurburgring record (unofficial) with a time of 7:22, coming in front of the Corvette ZR1 and Nissan GT-R.

The man who established this result is FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) driver Tom Coronel, who pilots a Leon TFSi for SEAT Team Holland. On his fourth attempt, he established an amazing 7:22.1 (first two laps-a 7:42 and a 7:35 and third 7:24).

Until someone else will have something to day about it, the Viper ACR is the most lethal "ringer" around.


Source: Motor Trend

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LS7BOYZ  (16) posted on 08.30.2008

the zr1 didnt push on the straight of th ring it wass in gear4 at 160 mph cruisen if he would have pushed he would did atleast a 7:19. just what to they put jan Magnussen in the zr1 if he can hark down aston marton in lemans and almost win what to his lap time

LS7BOYZ  (1) posted on 08.29.2008

Supposedly so. You can actually by the ACR package from the factory. It’s purely a race car though. I’ll take the ZR1 any day over the Vipe just because of the luxuries. *chime* OnStar, may I help you? Just compare the two videos. the Viper may be faster around, but the Z is so much smoother. I feel a showdown at the hoedown coming on soon. With that said, I think the ZR1 will make a return to the Nurburgring.

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.29.2008

And was this Viper stock?

I doubt it.

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