Sometimes moderation is okay. When Dodge handed us the keys to a Viper for our fleet, we returned it in the pristine condition. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for this unlucky owner in northwest Texas. Reports have the driver taking this curve at about 140 mph, and well, the result is obvious.


Source: wreckedexotics

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  (1) posted on 01.24.2011

Cool!!! Thats my car. I am the one that crashed it. I was doing 140 in a curve when i lost it.I walked away with no injuries or fines. Even better insurance paid it off and I made a couple bucks. I have the rest of the pics on my facebook to prove its my car.

  (19) posted on 01.19.2009

haha. i was looking at the first pic thinking, hey thats not so bad. then i see the 2nd one.. oh n/m

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