Finally, what’s that, we have a taker! Or do we?

After months of attempts to convince almost anybody within earshot to purchase the Viper brand from the fiscally challenged automaker; Chrysler has finally found a partner, although the deal had to work its way around a number of issues before coming to fruition.

The aforementioned issues included government intervention, restraining orders, and Supreme Court rulings - regarding the sale of Chrysler to Fiat, the two manufacturers have finally made hurdled all obstacles. As a result of this deal Chrysler now turns over to Fiat a number of its businesses, one of which is the Dodge Viper.

This, of course, comes a few weeks after Chrysler put the Viper on the market and much to their dismay, found out that it wasn’t so much of a bullish market as it was ‘no market at all’. The general tepid reaction towards the Viper’s sale reached a point where only one company –Devon Motorworks – made an attempted bid of…wait for it…$5.5 million!

Fortunately for Chrysler, Fiat swooped down and saved them and the Viper from a rather embarrassing fall from grace. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago when the Viper celebrated the production of its 25,000th car after a successful 17-year run as one of the most sought after sports cars in America.

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As part of Chrysler’s deal with Fiat, the former now hands over all of the assets the Viper has garnered over the years, including rights to its name.
Despite the sale, the Viper is still dangerously close to extinction as there have been rumors that Fiat has no place for the Viper with Ferrari and Maserati already in the fold.

No word on the future of the Viper has been released but either way, no matter what happens, the Viper has enjoyed a great deal of success as one of America’s most popular sports cars and whether or not it’s demise is exaggerated or imminent, we can all say that it enjoyed one hell of a ride.

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  (17) posted on 06.16.2009

All we realize FIAT’s great interest in the US market - and Viper is going to become another useful means to penetrate it.
Of course, it’s up to FIAT, but after certain technical amendments Viper may become popular again.
After all, why bury a legend?

  (177) posted on 06.15.2009

For the old American Idol, it sad that Fiat has to put its hand on our beloved Viper, the symbol of North American image, but saying goodbye doesn’t mean forever, it must be a good future for Chrystler after all!

  (177) posted on 06.15.2009

Take it or leave it. There is really on choice for Viper. In fact it the most viable offer rather than being completely stacked on the back burner!

  (78) posted on 06.15.2009

I cannot give my verdict until Fait express it plans for the Viper and I suppose, they are not going to take it if they don’t see any possibility of developing the muscle car’s marketability

  (137) posted on 06.15.2009

It may not sound appealing but the decision to turnover the mangement of Viper rights to Fiat must be good. This may give a new rendering and image for our beloved muscle car and it may turn possitive after all.

  (231) posted on 06.15.2009

What is saddening with this bankruptcy issue of most American car companies, is that there seem to be a vortex ing up all opportunities for these car companies special segment to get the that bailout opportunity. And this market slowdown is due to the behavior of most American buyers.

  (116) posted on 06.15.2009

Besides, there are no American autmobile company who is capable of buying the Viper rights as of this time. The demise of Viper, hummer and even of Pontiac tell us somerthing about the paradox of Zeno’s arrow, there is no other way, as there will be no better solution.

  (289) posted on 06.15.2009

That is right! We can only hope, that the merger between Fiat and Chrystler will be beneficial to Viper. But rather that being unsulted for 5.5M, I think it is the most timely decision to save, atleast for a great hope, its future.

  (318) posted on 06.15.2009

There is no way but through, as an annonymous adage goes. It means our dear Viper has no choice but to be fostered in a new family. I think its not a bad deal afterall, nor a too good deal as well. As we all know this partnership is the end of our all American dream for the Viper.

  (314) posted on 06.15.2009

My fear is, it is to great to hope for Ferrari influenced future versions. But most centainly bodykit and performance technology could be adapted to the newly adopted muscle car of Prancing horse family.

  (421) posted on 06.15.2009

Although it’ll be considered blasphemy to the American muscle world, I will say I’m a bit interested to see what the Ferrari guys will do to it in the future. Coz the real question is will there be a space for the Viper in the Fiat Family line up.?

  (177) posted on 06.15.2009

It’s no wonder that Dodge Viper has no market all. Last year it was awarded with The Most Expensive Car for Repair Costs by

  (183) posted on 06.15.2009

Looking back at the history of Dodge Viper, we can see that since 1997 to 2008, it has never failed to give Chrysler the opportunity to make them proud. So they shouldn’t be worried because it would be a good investment.

  (182) posted on 06.15.2009

Ever since the first generation of Viper, Chrysler has proven that this car is proven to be a beauty. The engine, which is the centerpiece of Viper, is based on the Chrysler LA design from a truck engine. So expect durability and fashion at the same time.

  (180) posted on 06.15.2009

Its great that the Chrysler has found a new partner. Dodge Viper is one of the good looking two seat sports car there is. It has been featured in numerous TV shows, video games, movies, and music videos.

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