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There’s no doubt Lamborghini is a pioneer in the use of carbon fiber technology. In a lot of ways, the Raging Bull can be considered as the godfather of carbon fiber. That status, coupled with the responsibility of venturing into new frontiers, is spurring Lambo to take its knowledge of carbon fiber to other industries. If everything goes as planned, we could one day see carbon fiber become the material of choice among prosthetic implants and subcutaneous devices in the medical industry.

It sounds a little too far out of reach at this point, but we learned a long time ago to never doubt Lamborghini in matters related to carbon fiber. The automaker even opened the Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory in Seattle, Washington last year to spearhead the development of new applications that can be traced back to carbon fiber. This time, it’s partnering with the Houston Methodist Research Institute to create new forms and iterations of carbon fiber that can serve as better materials than the ones being used in the medicinal industry today. Ultimately, the objective is to create prosthetics that are lighter, more durable, and tolerated better by the human body. Whether that goal is reached isn’t known yet, but if there’s one company that can see it to its completion, it’s Lamborghini. Give the company some time to research and develop this possibility and you can be sure that it’s going to yield some results.

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Hope that this study works because carbon fiber application could explode into other things in the future

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Carbon fiber prosthetics may be the first step, but soon enough, we could start seeing other applications

There’s more than a grain of truth to the thought that the automotive world is one of the most advanced industries in the world. Lamborghini is living proof of that. Add to that Lambo is spearheading this research is a testament to how much respect the company has earned, not just among rival automakers, but more importantly, in industries as technologically advanced as the medical industry.

I have no idea how Lamborghini’s partnership with the Houston Methodist Research Institute is going to play out. But, I’m not betting against either of these two entities from achieving its goal of creating prosthetic limbs made out of carbon fiber. The partnership is still in the “study” level, but you better believe that if there’s a company that can push past the realm of researching the feasibility of carbon fiber prosthetics into actual development, it’s Lamborghini.

Moving forward, I also expect collaborations like this one to happen far more frequently. Consider Lamborghini’s partnership with the Houston Methodist Research Institute as one of the first collaborations of this kind. If it gains some traction and is ultimately successful, the wealth of knowledge, information, and technological applications the auto industry has to offer will open up to so many other industries. Who knows, carbon fiber prosthetics may be the first step, but soon enough, we could start seeing other applications of carbon fiber that nobody thought was possible as recently as a few years ago.

These are the kind of long-term possibilities that make this partnership between the Italian automaker and the famous medical institute so intriguing, and quite possibly, beneficial for a lot of people in the near and far future.

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