• Does Aston Martin’s V-12 Speedster Teaser Confirm the CC100 Speedster Concept Is Heading to Production?

Also, are we standing in front of an incoming speedster craze?

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Aston Martin wants to build a V-12-powered speedster. Does it sound odd to you? It shouldn’t, because AM’s rivals have got a head start and are either currently selling a speedster or found themselves very close to launching one on the market. There’s Ferrari’s Monza SP2, Porsche’s 911 Speedster, and McLaren’s Elva. Even Bentley has been rumored to be considering one.

So where does that leave Aston Martin? Well, obviously, it has got to come up with a speedster of its own. Which it will, because the blueprints are there and now there’s an official announcement that says Gaydon will play the speedster game. You’ll have to shake up your memory quite a bit for this one, but try to remember the CC100 concept Aston Martin showed back in 2013 for its 100th anniversary, because that’s going to be the carmaker’s starting point.

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As a guy who doesn’t believe in coincidences, I can’t stop but imagining how head honchos from the world’s largest and most influential carmakers meet in secret to decide the direction are they going to steer the car industry in the coming decade or so.

The latest episode in my never-to-be-on-Netflix series sees Ferrari, Lotus, McLaren, Porsche, and Aston Martin sipping their fancy drinks in a dark room fogged up by cigar smoke, right after they’ve decided that speedsters should be the next fashionable car shape.

Just think about it: quite a handful of speedsters have been launched in a relatively short timeframe that it’s hard to believe everyone thought of building one at the same time.

Coincidence? I refuse to think so.

Does Aston Martin's V-12 Speedster Teaser Confirm the CC100 Speedster Concept Is Heading to Production?
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Anyway, Aston Martin is indeed building its own speedster to honour the 1959 Le Mans-winning DBR1 and there’s a high chance it will look a lot like the said CC100 prototype. Which, by the way, was configured to encase a 6.0-liter V-12 and a seven-speed ’box. It also sported a carbon fiber-clad cabin in Stirling Green, as a homage to the great Sir Stirling Moss.

All we know so far is that the hand-built road-going car will pack a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V-12 - most likely the DB11/DBS Superleggera’s. It will probably be retuned to produce 690 horsepower (700 PS) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque sucked in by a ZF-sourced eight-speed auto that’s mounted in the rear. And only 88 units of this limited-production model will be ever made.

We can’t tell you the price tag yet, but shake off your doubts: this one’s aimed at the One Percent, so it will start at obscenely expensive. Good God, how we’ve missed the poor man’s Opel Speedster.

Aston Martin is already taking orders for its V-12 speedster, but we’re guessing those are already accounted for.

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