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A lot of information can be culled from the Internet regarding ceramic coating, but we’ll point you in the direction of YouTube channel Warped Perception where host Matt Mikka provides an interesting experiment on the effects of ceramic coating. It’s a fascinating watch, especially if you’re actually considering putting ceramic coating on your car. There’s a lot of information about it, sure, but you can’t have too many before you make an informed decision. So, does ceramic coating really work? Let’s find out.

Does Ceramic Coating Your Car Really Work?
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Before we answer the question of whether ceramic coatings work, it’s important to first know what it is. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. In its fundamental form, ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint that does not wash away or break down, at least for a few years. The protection it provides to your car’s paint ensures that the paint is protected from chemical stains, etching, oxidization, and damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It also makes your car easier to learn while also adding a layer of shine that lasts for a long time.

Does Ceramic Coating Your Car Really Work?
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As effective as ceramic coating is, it’s not the all-world car paint protector that some people make it out to be. Sure, scratches can be repelled by ceramic coating, but it’s also not completely resistant to all sorts of damage. If someone intentionally keys your car and applies a lot of pressure in the “key-ing,” that’s going to leave a scratch on the paint even if it’s coated with ceramic coating. The same can be said of water-spotting. Even with the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating, it’s not a guarantee that all water droplets will just slide off the car. Some will remain on the vehicle, creating the possibility for water-spotting.

Warped Perception host Matt Mikka does a good job at painting a clear picture of the benefits of ceramic coating your car. The product is not an automotive placebo; it does work to tremendous results.

Does Ceramic Coating Your Car Really Work?
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Mikka shows that by performing a series of comparative tests, demonstrating what happens to a car without ceramic coating when it’s subjected to ten donuts on a gravel road and gets a mud bath. Mikka does the same test on a car that is coated with ceramic coating and the difference in the results are startling.

He then takes the next step of putting ceramic coating on the case of his smartphone, cutting the coated case, and then using a microscope to see if the ceramic coating is visible on the case. I can explain it as much as I can, but nothing beats watching the episode and listening to Mikka instead. It’s a fascinating watch, especially if you’re looking into using ceramic coating on your car.

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