The 2030 is a Saudi Arabia specific electric supercar

Supercar Blondie has all the luck when it comes to getting her hands on hypercars, supercars, and even concepts, and she got even luckier when she got to drive the Saudi Arabia exclusive GFG Style 2030. Her maiden voyage in the concept took place during the Riyadh Car Show in Saudi Arabia, where the Style 2030 was showcased alongside 1,200 other beautiful cars, a preview before the Style 2030 is shown off at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. But, thanks to Supercar Blondie’s video, you don’t have to wait to get up close and personal with it.

Supercar Blondie in the GFG Style 2030

As is the usual case, in Supercar Blondie fashion, she doesn’t really put the GFG Style 2020 through the paces as one would hope to do in a car such as this. Instead, she takes it for a simple and low-speed spin around what I assume to be a local parking lot. At one point in the video, they act like she was driving fast, and her passenger was holding onto the oh-shit handle, but it didn’t really look like she was getting into it to me. Either way, it’s still cool to see a car such as this actually on the move, especially considering the vast majority of us will never get to see one since this specific model is limited to Saudi Arabia.

What is the GFG Style 2030?

Does It Get Any Better Than Seeing Supercar Blondie Drive the GFG Style 2030?
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To breakdown the GFG Style 2030 in simplest terms, it’s part EV, part SUV, part supercar.

I know it sounds weird, but I’m dead serious as this isn’t your typical supercar. GFG coins it as a “Hyper SUV.” I know, I know – it doesn’t look like an SUV, and I’m about as frustrated as you are with the term being thrown around so much, but there might actually be some merit to this.

The GFG Style 2030 is, basically, an SUV chassis with a two-door supercar on top.

Still confused? I don’t blame you. It does have a supercar-style body, but it rides an all-wheel drive chassis that actually gives it considerable ground clearance. I wouldn’t take one off-road, but it sits high enough to do so and rides on 20-inch wheels. The really weird thing is that the tires on those wheels are actually somewhat beefy and have sidewalls. In fact, they actually look kind of like SUV tires.

Does It Get Any Better Than Seeing Supercar Blondie Drive the GFG Style 2030?
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The GFG Style 2030 doesn’t rely on gasoline, either. It’s powered by an all-electric, AWD drivetrain that’s good for 540 horsepower. According to GFG Style, the 2030 can hit 60 mph in a reasonably respectable 3.5 seconds, but it maxes out at a minuscule 125 mph (200 km/h). Of course, GFG Style claims it can hit that speed on any surface, so if you get in one and feel like doing 125 mph through the desert, well, I guess you can. Range is said to be about 230 miles, though, so don’t get too frisky – go too far, and you might have a very long walk home.

GFG Style 2030 specifications
Drivetrain AWD Electric Motor
Horsepower 540 HP
0 to 60 mph 3.5 seconds
Top Speed 125 mph
Range 230 miles
Does It Get Any Better Than Seeing Supercar Blondie Drive the GFG Style 2030?
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The coolest thing is that this concept isn’t just a show car. It really is a functional concept with a damn cool interior too. It will be shown off during an official introduction at the 2020 Geneva Motor show, so that could very well be your last chance to see it without traveling to Saudi Arabia and making friends with some who, probably, is on the weather end of the population.

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