Is Mercedes-Benz having money trouble, at least in the U.S.?

Seems that way.

According to Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market Magazine, Mercedes-Benz U.S.A. has just eliminated the positions of Manager of public relations East and Manager of public relations West, held by Jim Resnick and Geno Effler, respectively.

MB is also suspending publication of Momentum, the self-promoting magazine that they send to their owners.

According to Mercedes U.S.A., the canning of the top two people in their public relations organization was merely part of a “restructuring.”

But you don’t eliminate the top people in your organization and simultaneously eliminate your owner’s magazine unless you’re in trouble.

Owner’s magazines are just one of the customary perks that go with buying expensive cars. All the car companies do it. To dump it is in explicable, except on grounds of cost. 

Parent Daimler has been reporting higher than ever profits, now that it doesn’t have to include the losses it engineered at Chrysler in its bottom line.

But could it be that the problem isn’t really all Chrysler?

Source: sportscarmarket

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