The video within shows how AMG GT four-door and other AMGs handle the white stuff

Most new Mercedes AMG products nowadays are only available with all-wheel drive, and the biggest and baddest of them all is the new four-door AMG. It’s a car that has been tested on road and on track, but so far nobody has documented their experience with the car on more loose surfaces, like fresh snow.

Mercedes-AMG Cars in Snow

YouTuber Marchettino took part in an official AMG venue held in Italy’s snowy mountains, where the new four-door AMG was the star of the show. As you may remember from previous reviews of the car, it’s reportedly quite big and heavy (it weighs just about two tons), and it does feel it, but this is negated by its massive power and torque figures, as well as a surprisingly sorted chassis for something its size.

It does come with permanent all-wheel drive, however, you can switch it into a mode where all power is sent only to the rear tires, which you can imagine in the snow will make the car quite feisty - remember, the GT 63S, the most powerful variant available, makes 639 horsepower and a huge dollop of torque - 664 pound-feet. On a dry straight road, it can hit 62.1 mph in just over 3 seconds and its top speed of 195 mph.

Marchettino also tried out another new AMG, the E53 coupe, which is powered by a new three-liter straight-six and has some extra electric kick via a mild hybrid system. Also on hand and tested in the video (which is in Italian, but does have English subtitles available) is the refreshed CLA45 AMG, a car well known for its strong grip, traction, and acceleration.

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