• Does This Rendering Accurately Predict Pininfarina’s Future?

It’s staggering work from a talented up-and-coming designer

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Pininfarina is responsible for some of the most provocative-looking cars in history. From legendary machines like the Ferrari F40 and Ferrari Enzo to staggering custom creations like the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Hyperion, BMW Gran Lusso Coupe, and Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo, Pininfarina’s design DNA can be found in some of history’s most attractive rides. Automakers far and wide have come to Pininfarina for their automotive design needs, and the Italian design house has proven time and again that it’s the go-to firm for those needs. A big part of the studio’s success rests on the designers that it has in the fold.

One such designer, Daniel Gombo, technically isn’t employed by Pininfarina, but he did just finish his master’s thesis under the supervision of the Italian firm and part of that thesis required Gombo to design a vehicle.

Is this a great look for a future Pininfarina electric SUV?

Does This Rendering Accurately Predict Pininfarina's Future?
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Gombo describes it as an electric SUV, but the design hints at a two-door cope design that sits on high-riding chassis. An enormous set of wheels and tires suggests that this SUV is as versatile as it comes. The front section is to-die-for with the swooping hood that Gombo describes as “bringing the sporting character of the car.”

It also has aerodynamic functions, acting as an aero duct with the front and rear diffusers. Speaking of the rear, the design is unlike anything we’ve seen in some time. You rarely see a car with what looks to be a spoiler at the bottom of it.

Does This Rendering Accurately Predict Pininfarina's Future?
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The defining feature of this end, though, is the horizontal rear taillight that looks a lot like a hairdryer’s nozzle. It’s not for everyone, but it catches your attention, doesn’t it?

Step inside Gombo’s Pininfarina electric SUV rendering and you’ll be greeted by slim front bucket seats, a rear tub seat, and a rectangular steering wheel with gratuitous Pininfarina branding. There’s no digital cluster or infotainment system, but there is a huge aesthetically inclined separator in the middle.

Does This Rendering Accurately Predict Pininfarina's Future?
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Gombo didn’t mention the kind of electric powertrain that his rendering is powered by, but that’s neither here nor there. The whole point of his master’s thesis under Pininfarina is to design a car that could very well point to the Italian design studio’s future. On that end, Gombo scores an “A” from us. His SUV rendering is provocative in ways that Pininfarina would be proud of.

Source: Daniel Gombo via Behance

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