• Does This Rendering Hint At Where the Next-Gen Renault Megane RS Is Going?

Did this Italian designer foreshadow the next Renault Megane RS?

Hot hatchbacks are arguably the most popular performance cars, because of their balance between sport and practicality. One of Europe’s most notable representatives of the segment is the Renault Megane RS. The version has enjoyed a substantial fan base, for three generations now, and being co-developed with Renault Williams means it can take some punishment on racetracks. There’s a reason why the Megane RS is one of the main car choices for race driver schools, across Europe.

2018 Renault Megane R.S.
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With that being said, the current generation Megane RS will be out for a while longer. This, of course, doesn’t stop designers from making renderings of what could be the next one. Italian designer Alberto Lazarini has shared sketches of what he believes the next Renault Megane RS should look like and we have to say, it looks aggressive.

Renault Megane R.S. specifications
Type of engine (injection/turbo) 4-cylinder turbo direct injection
Capacity (cm3) 1798
Bore x stroke (mm) 79.7 x 90.1
Number of cylinders/valves 16
Max. power 280 HP @ 6,000 RPM
Max. torque 287 LB-FT @ 2,400 RPM
Transmission Dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox
0-100 km/h (s) 5.9
Top Speed 255 km/h (158.5 mph)
Does This Rendering Hint At Where the Next-Gen Renault Megane RS Is Going?
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It seems the designer’s idea for the French hot hatch is to, once again, return to being a three-door hatch-coupe.

Actually, it looks like a mix of the previous and current Megane RS that has a very aggressive aero. The front looks super aerodynamic and we see no grille. Could this suggest that the next Megane RS should be an EV? We still get a very aggressive front-splitter with a large air intake, which will probably channel air along the car’s underbody, as well as redirect some of it for cooling the brakes.

Does This Rendering Hint At Where the Next-Gen Renault Megane RS Is Going?
- image 983966
Does This Rendering Hint At Where the Next-Gen Renault Megane RS Is Going?
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The aggressive front is complemented by aggressive carbon-fiber side skirts, which also aim to optimize air flow along the side of the car. On the same side skirts, we find what we assume to be an inscription with the designer’s name. The rear end’s most distinctive feature is the two-piece rear spoiler, which looks like it’s taken straight off a Trophy series race car. If the next generation of the French hot hatch looks anything like this rendering, it might be able to redirect a lot of clients, away from the Civic Type-R or Golf R.

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2018 Renault Megane R.S.

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