All eyes will be on Ferrari for the real Purosangue’s arrival

An online artist has released a rendering of the Ferrari Purosangue, or at least a rendering of the SUV’s rear section. The rendering doesn’t reveal the front end of the highly anticipated SUV, but this is one of the first renderings we’ve seen of Ferrari’s future SUV. Speculation surrounding the design of the Purosangue is at an all-time high after the Italian automaker confirmed plans to join the super-luxury SUV market. This rendering is not a sign of things to come, but it does point to what we can expect when the real Purosangue arrives.

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I don’t know what to make of this rendering. On the one hand, the rendering created by Instagram user ildar_project has some design cues you’d expect from Ferrari. From the unique tailgate-mounted spoiler to the unmistakable round taillamps and the license plate cutout that’s similar in shape to the air vents on the Ferrari 488, these nods to Ferrari’s design gives the rendering some authenticity to it. I like the body-color underbody plate, too. I don’t think it’s going to make it to the real Purosangue, but it establishes the model’s identity as a sports SUV. There’s also a shark fin in the rendering and a triangle fuel filler cap thrown in for good measure. We also get a peek at the character lines on the side of the SUV. There’s one sharp line that appears to extend north as it approaches the rear of the SUV.

That’s an aggressive take, one that I wouldn’t be shocked to see on the real Purosangue.

Those are the solid points I see in the rendering. On the other hand, I have an issue with its perceived size. It’s a little too small to be a full-blown SUV, right? Judging by its height, it looks more like a crossover competing against the Maserati Ghibli than a big super SUV that can stare down the Lamborghini Urus.

Either way, credit goes to ildar_project for even taking the time to render this. He called it the Belleza for reasons that are unclear to me, but he gets a pass on that one.

To be clear, Ferrari’s SUV is called the Purosangue. The Prancing Horse already made that announcement.

According to Ferrari, the name “Purosangue” is Italian for “thoroughbred,” an apt name for a model whose maker features an Italian stallion in its logo.

Little is known about the actual Purosangue at this point, but it’s been established that the SUV will feature some kind of hybrid powertrain. In total, I expect the Purosangue to carry as much as 600 horsepower, maybe even more. It’ll also be fast, on the level, at least, of the aforementioned Urus and other expected rivals like the Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls-Royce Cullinan. A top speed of 200 mph is in the cards, though anything more would probably be unrealistic given the aerodynamic challenges that are normally associated with an SUV.

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