This isn’t something that will ever make it to production, but we can’t stop thinking about it

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It’s been just a week since Ford pulled the Bronco out of the box, but we just can’t seem to catch a break from all the renderings. We’ve seen the Bronco reimagined as the erstwhile Big Oly by Saleen and even as a 6x6 pickup truck! This time, it’s the Bronco Sport’s turn to get a virtual makeover.

KDesign has transformed the Bronco Sport into a two-door SUV in the standard form and with a Raptor-twist. While both seem out of scope at this point as production vehicles, there’s no denying that this whacky build could see the light of the day at some tuner’s workshop in the future.

That’s A Clean Design But Not Feasible

Does This Two-Door Ford Bronco Sport Raptor Deserve to be Built?
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KDesign has rendered the Bronco Sport in a two-door avatar and it doesn’t look as bad you’d imagine.

There aren’t a whole lot of changes made to the SUV except for eliminating the rear doors. Currently, Ford doesn’t build any two-door cars on the architecture that underpins the Bronco Sport, so we don’t see it happening in the future either.

The same rendering is given a Raptor-twist, though, and that looks like something that will lure a few buyers, but a four-door Bronco Sport Raptor will most likely garner more attention. This Raptor sits much higher off the ground and features a skid-plate up front. There’s a ’Raptor’ graphic on the side as well. The Raptor treatment here might be subtle and sedate, but if Ford plans to even come up with a Bronco Sport Raptor, it could be a masterpiece.

Does This Two-Door Ford Bronco Sport Raptor Deserve to be Built?
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What do you have to say about these two Bronco Sport renderings, and which one would you pick if you had to choose one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: KDesign on Behance

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