• Doing a Lawn Job in a Lexus LFA? Sure; Why Not?

The sound of that V-10 is the kind of sound I don’t mind waking up to

There’s nothing better than waking up to the sound of a glorious high-revving V-10 engine jolting your senses in the morning. Beats coffee any day of the week. Well, if you’re still trying to organize your senses in this beautiful morning, might I suggest watching this short video of a Lexus LFA playing around in a field of grass, acting like a $375,000 lawnmower. It’s a short video so it won’t waste a lot of your morning time, but if you do end up watching it, dial up the volume to “max” if you can. You can’t ask for a better sound than that in the morning, can you?

Lexus LFA Mowing the Lawn

How easy must life be for you if you’re told to mow the lawn, but instead of hopping into a lawn mower like anybody would, you step inside a Lexus LFA and let the 553-horsepower supercar do the job for you. I envy you. Seriously, I mowed our lawn over the weekend, and it was as tiring as it was tedious, especially when you have someone looking over your shoulder, wondering if you’re doing a good job at it.

But this dude? Nah. This dude gets it. He’s not exactly mowing a lawn in the traditional sense, but when you have a Lexus LFA sitting in a grassy field with nothing else to do, there’s that voice inside your head that’s going to make you want to do what this dude did. I’m not even interested in what happens to the grass. I’m interested in the LFA sliding around without a care in the world as its high-revving V-10 engine squeals in short bursts. It’s a beautiful sound that never gets old, even if the LFA itself has some years under it.

It’s hard to imagine the Lexus supercar as a nine-year-old model, but that’s what it is. It burst onto the scene in 2010 as the crowning achievement of Lexus engineering. The LFA lasted only two years in production, but that’s only because Lexus limited production to only 500 units. Needless to say, all 500 units got gobbled up faster than it took the LFA to go from 0 to 60 mph. It can do it in 3.6 seconds, by the way. And that’s without any launch control. Impressive stuff. It could also hit a top speed of 203 mph, something no other Lexus model could do before and has since.

The LFA, in many ways, changed the way we thought of Lexus. Before it arrived, Lexus was considered as Toyota’s premium division, an extension — or a tentacle — of the Japanese auto conglomerate. It built great cars, but when you saw a Lexus, you immediately thought of Toyota. The LFA flipped that script completely. When it arrived, everyone started thinking differently about Lexus. It wasn’t just an extension of Toyota anymore; it was its own automaker, one that was capable of developing 4.3-liter, V-10-powered missile that could go toe-to-toe with some of the fastest and most potent supercars of that time. The numbers paint impressive pictures, but the LFA was, and remains, more than just its numbers.

Take, for example, its ability to rev upwards of 9,000 rpm without a load in just 0.6 seconds. Madness. And that symphonic high-revving V-10 noise? That’s a product of years of testing and development, the kind that you usually don’t get to see from an automaker that’s supposedly subversive to a bigger company. This is what Lexus accomplished when it launched the LFA supercar in 2010. It had a short run, but you could argue that its two-year stay in the market was more meaningful than the decade-long stints of other exotic cars in the market.

Think about it. Anytime we see a video of a Lexus LFA doing something these days, we stop and watch the video. Case in point? This one. This LFA is technically just playing around in the grass without a care in the world. What’s so interesting about that? Well, it’s a Lexus LFA, and it’s a chance to hear that glorious V-10 engine scream to the high heavens.

Almost ten years after it was launched, the Lexus LFA is still making a lot of noise, literally and figuratively.

Lexus LF-A Specifications
Engine 4.3-liter turbocharged V-10 engine
Horsepower 533 horsepower at 8,700 rpm
Torque 354 pound-feet of torque at 6,800 rpm
0 to 60 mph (without launch control) 3.6 seconds
Top speed 203 mph
Transmission six-speed ASG transmission
Curb weight 1,480 kilos (3,263 pounds)
Weight distribution (front:rear) 49.8:50.2

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