• Don’t Expect Electric Lamborghinis to Be All That Different

The pressure of electrification will not make Lambos look less than a “spaceship”

Hardcore performance automakers like Lamborghini have yet to enter the electrified car market, and the days of the thirsty V-10s and V-12s are coming to an end. Lamborghini design boss, Mitja Borkert, has now confirmed that the brand’s design will not change drastically when the new EV comes in around 2028 and that future cars will still “look like spaceships.”

Sooner or later, every car manufacturer will have to switch to electrified vehicles for our planet’s sustainability. However, while most car brands have alternative options besides ICE-operated cars, Lamborghini and Ferrari are yet to take the electrified path. But it has been confirmed by Lambos Mitja Borkert that despite the swapping of powertrains, the brand’s future cars "will always look like spaceships, always be inspiring, always cars that with whatever technology they have will have the sound and emotion to touch you.”

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At the Milan Monza auto show, he also confirmed to Autocar that Lamborghini would shift to hybridized powertrains by 2024. This means there is a higher chance that the V-12 and V-10s will be coupled to an ISG or separate electric motors to make PHEVs, like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. However, the limited edition Sián and the new Countach were mild-hybrid supercars with a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V-12 and a 48-volt electric motor.

So, hybridized powertrains are not new to the Italian marque, but they will be more production-heavy this time. While we wait for the new Lambo EV, which will reportedly be a 2+2 car, a second-generation Urus is already in the making, and as expected, the twin-turbo V-8 will be hybridized.

Don't Expect Electric Lamborghinis to Be All That Different Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Borkert is very confident about how the brand will appeal to younger generations, who will want a more modern and eco-friendly Lamborghini supercar. He is also looking forward to the design changes which will enhance the aerodynamics once the brand’s electric cars come into the limelight. He stated that removing the muffler could add some room to improve aero “in a cool way”. Not only that, but he also said, “I am convinced we can introduce smart aero in the future”. Not to forget the Sián supercar, which looks mental while retaining the essential Lamborghini design aesthetics.

Remember the brand’s Terzo Millennio concept EV from 2017? According to Borkert, the electric supercar concept might help shape Lamborghini’s future in the electric car world. And it is time that we should cherish the melodic V-12s and V-10s while we can, because they won’t be around much longer.

Source: Autocar

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