• Don’t Stuff Breast Implants Into Your Turbocharger

There’s no reason you should unless you’re trying to get a kick out of it

The holiday season afforded us enough time to go down the YouTube rabbit hole, and we chanced upon this gem of a video from auto enthusiast and all-around nut Cleetus McFarland.

Apparently, McFarland — real name Garrett Mitchell — had enough spare time of his own to find out if a turbocharger is as good at slicing and dicing random objects as it is in increasing an engine’s output. The experiment of sorts is comical but no less entertaining. It features a banana, a twinky, and a pair of breast implants sourced from — where else? — eBay.

If you’re familiar with Cleetus McFarland’s YouTube channel, you’ll know that he’s not above making these types of videos. They don’t really add too much to your car knowledge, but they’re still fun to watch. McFarland, after all, is the same guy who put an 850-psi shot of nitrous through a turbo keyring. This is his shtick, and it’s very entertaining.

This time around, McFarland thought it’d be cool to see which items could be consumed by the 88-mm Precision turbocharger he fit into his Chevrolet Corvette C6. He and his boys even configured the turbocharger so that the air outlet points towards a target. This has all the makings of a good laugh, right?

Don't Stuff Breast Implants Into Your Turbocharger
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Determined to ensure that a little variety is thrown in, McFarland procured a smorgasbord of items that he could feed into his version of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Twinkies were part of the menu. So was a Slim Jim, a banana, an apple, some dill pickle, and a pair of breast plants of different sizes.

Yes, breast implants. Welcome to Cleetus McFarland’s YouTube page, folks.

Don't Stuff Breast Implants Into Your Turbocharger
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We’re not going to spoil the results of the feeding frenzy. It’s important that you actually watch the video if you want to get a good laugh at the stunt-slash-experiment.

We’ll just say that, in the end, that target didn’t have much use. Draw your spoilers from that.

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