Donald Trump will officially become President of the United States of American on January 20, 2017. Love or hate him, he’ll be living in the White House and riding around in Cadillac’s latest version of the Beast.

Trump’s new ride hasn’t officially been debuted or even confirmed, but spy photographers sleuthing around GM’s Milford proving grounds this past summer captured the world’s first look at the all-new Caddy.

The car’s overall design is clearly visible through the camouflage. Cadillac’s current designs are used, including the front clip reminiscent of the new CT-6 sedan. It features a grille with three horizontal bars and Caddy’s new crest. Vertical LED headlights and flared front fenders further solidify the look. The car’s long wheelbase is an obvious change from a conventional CT-6, as is the oddly square windows and roof. The rear of the car features more Cadillac cues, including the vertical taillights.

Despite all the Cadillac detailing, this isn’t a Cadillac. If this presidential limo is anything like President Obama’s 2009 Cadillac, Trump’s car will ride on a medium-duty GM frame and might be powered by GM’s 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel V-8. Then again, the car could be riding on a modified version of the Silverado HD’s fully boxed steel frame, since GM doesn’t currently make a medium-duty truck like the TopKick of the late 2000s.

Either ways, the car will surely be filled with James Bond-like gadgets and technology, including life support to thwart bio-weapons, secure telecommunications, countermeasures for protection, and a cabin secure enough to absorb a direct impact from explosives. It’s even rumored cases of the President’s blood are carried aboard should he need an emergency transfusion. All this adds a tremendous amount of weight, hence the need for a medium-duty chassis and super huge tires. It’s no wonder Obama’s limo earned its nickname of “The Beast.”

Cadillac’s reign of providing presidential limousines dates back to 1984 when Ronald Reagan broke the long tradition of using Lincolns. The 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood featured a 17-inch stretch and a raised roof three inches taller than stock. Bulletproof glass and the extra length necessitated heavy-duty brakes, oversized tires, and an air-ride suspension system. Otherwise, the car was mostly stock.

We’d expect Trump’s ride to feature all the modern luxuries the billionaire is accustomed to. Perhaps he’ll even help pay for any personalized upgrades he’s requesting. Just don’t count on knowing anything about it – the Secret Service keep details about the president’s limo classified as top secret.

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Why It Matters

Regardless of who fills the role, the office of the President of the United States is a highly romanticized job. Secret Service agents attend to your every need, Air Force One and Marine One are there to transport you anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice, and residing in the White House is something dreams are made of. Add to that getting chauffeured in the world’s most technologically advanced limousine, and it’s no wonder why so many people find this fascinating.

The fascination doesn’t stop knowing that the limousine is taken everywhere the president is. Any trip out of the country on Air Force one includes an airborne motorcade of support planes, one of which is a C-17 Globemaster cargo plane. It usually carries the main limo, an identical backup limo, and an armored Chevrolet Suburban that’s reportedly used as a communications vehicle.

There’s no doubt about it. The next presidential limousine will be a fascinating piece of Americana that just happens to be a fake Cadillac with more security than Fort Knox.

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Source: FoxNews

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