• Donut Media Exposes the Oddly Surprising Cars Owned by Unexpected Famous People

Did you know that many celebrities still drive mundane cars from the 1990s?

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Many celebrities are really fond of cars. And because they’re successful and make a lot of money, they’re the owners of some of the most impressive and expensive car collections out there.

However, some celebrities are still driving old and mundane cars, while others own surprising vehicles that are either unique or highly customized. Donut Media just put together a list, so let’s have a look at it below.

Donut Media Exposes the Oddly Surprising Cars Owned by Unexpected Famous People
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The list begins with Conan O’Brien, the comedian known for his late-night talk shows and for being a writer for the The Simpson. Despite having a big fortune, O’Brien still drives a Ford Taurus he purchased in 1992. Granted, it’s the SHO model with big muscle under the hood, but it’s still a weird choice given that he can buy just about any supercar out there. Rapper YBN Nahmir also chooses to drive an old Nissan 350Z. However, his car is actually heavily tuned and on its way to becoming a drift machine.

Will.I.Am also owns a rather weird car. But this time around it’s a unique vehicle designed by West Coast Customs. Although it looks nothing like it, his vehicle is a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle. Following a lengthy customization process that cost almost $1 million, the Beetle now looks like Dick Tracy’s car.

Elon Musk is also on the list for owning the Lotus Esprit used in a James Bond movie, while Simone Giertz made it for the Tesla Model X truck she built on her own.

Donut Media Exposes the Oddly Surprising Cars Owned by Unexpected Famous People
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Guy Fieri is mentioned for his big collection of yellow cars and Shaquille O'Neal made it for his modified Ford F-650 truck.

There’s also David Letterman with his supercharged Volvo 960 commissioned by Paul Newman and Alfred Morris for the old Mazda 626 that he drove for decades until Mazda performed a full restoration. Post Malone is also mentioned for owning a few extreme trucks, including his heavily modified Ford Explorer from 1992.

Did you know Lady Gaga is also a fan of trucks? Yes, she owns a 1993 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, a Chevy El Camino, and an old Ford Bronco. On top of a 1966 Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Nova, that is!

Finally, there’s Ludacris, who even though owns many modern and expensive cars continues to favor an old 1993 Acura Legend.

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