Everything you could possibly want to know about the world’s leading electric car brand

If you went up to me 20 years ago and told me that electric cars would eventually become some of the quickest, sexiest vehicles on the planet, I would have asked what you were smoking and why weren’t you sharing. But oh how things have changed. Now the calendar says it’s 2019, and the appeal of cars like the Tesla Model S is undeniable. With cutting-edge technology, insane levels of torque, and head-turning style, the Tesla brand is a force to be reckoned with. Now, with the recent debut of the 2020 Tesla Model Y,Donut Media is diving deep on everything you need to know about Tesla.

Plug In, Turn On, Burn Out

While there are plenty of other electric car makers out there, there’s no doubt that Tesla is leading the segment. With a quartet of models to choose from, including the luxurious Model S sports sedan, to the funky Model X SUV, to the dynamic Model 3, and even to the most recent Model Y compact crossover, it’s pretty obvious that Tesla is now well-established in the market. Once derided as a flash-in-the-pan destined for the margins of history, Tesla has grown to be a car company unlike any the word has seen before. Autopilot, Falcon Doors, Ludicrous Mode… the list goes on and on.

No matter what your position on the company, there’s no denying Tesla’s influence. And that’s reason enough to hit play and indulge in this in-depth (yet extremely entertaining) look at Tesla, courtesy of Donut Media.

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