We all played with cars when we were younger. Whether you were a little boy who could sit in your room for hours and drive the cars up and down all of your bedroom furniture or you were a little girl with an older brother who tricked you into playing cars for hours; we all played with cars.

In all of our years of pushing those little cars around for hours there was never a track that could change so easily, so quickly as DayDream Toy’s extraordinary Doodle-Track. The Doodle-Track car is a race car that follows whatever track is made using a black line. Yes, you read correctly. The set comes with a race car, stick-on decals to decorate your car, a playmat, and an official Doodle-Track marker. Optical sensors in the car allow it to move along any black line that is drawn. Now your child can have multiple race tracks with as many turns, loops, and straight-aways as he or she sees fit. The Doodle-Track set is recommended for ages 4 and up and sells for the bargain price of $14.99USD. Just make sure you stock up on batteries. The Doodle-Track needs 3 AAA batteries to operate and you will probably go through the first pack before you even let your kid know you bought it.


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  (344) posted on 03.15.2010

Sounds like a good buy but it also sounds or looks like a whole lot of work for the people who will be erasing and cleaning up all the black lines drawn by the kids for the race track. That will surely be one of the ways on how the kids will mess up the flooring or maybe even the wall.

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