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Dotz Custom Finish
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In the world of tuning, nothing is more important than being unique. That is why the English wheel manufacturer Dotz is offering a their Custom Finish Box, a package that lets owners of their rims further customize the exterior appearance of their vehicle starting with their colored center caps.

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Press release:

Dotz Custom Finish
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Dotz drivers express their style using more than their wheels. They also customize their rims with multi-colored center cap sets, matching
pinstripes, plastic caps for bolts and nuts and high-quality metal

Change the design of your wheels with the Dotz Custom Finish Box.
Containing four center caps and five metal inlays, the Custom Finish Box means you can change the color of your rims whenever you feel like it.

Dotz Custom Finish
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The sets are available in stylish chrome, striking orange, subtle green
or eye-catching yellow and are suitable for all Dotz wheels from 17“ to

Whether you use Mugellos, Hanzos or Shurikens – the cool caps add a
finishing touch to every wheel.

Dotz Custom Finish
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For further personalization, you can match the Hanzo’s integrated metal rim inlay to the color of the center cap.

In addition to valve caps and plastic caps for bolts and nuts,
pinstripes are total attention grabbers. The sleek ornamental strips
along the rim flange are available in different colors such as yellow,
white, orange or green and give your wheels an even more dynamic look.

With the Dotz Custom Finish you can design your customized rim and
create your very own special edition.

To protect your hands while upgrading your ride, Dotz now offers a
special mechanic’s work glove in cooperation with glove experts

Dotz Custom Finish
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Source: Dotz

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  (182) posted on 05.7.2009

Can that mechanix work gloves really protect me from cutting off my fingers while repairing something in my car? because I wouldn’t want to spend money if they will not assure me that. Or else, I’d rather work with my bare hands.

  (183) posted on 05.7.2009

its good to know that no matter how small the detail is, it still makes a difference. makes your car stand out.

  (180) posted on 05.7.2009

this is the best way to high light details that are not usually given much attention. i think they are the only company who gives extra attention to these.

  (182) posted on 05.7.2009

I believe this comes in different neon colors but I think yellow would do just fine for me.

  (177) posted on 05.7.2009

The best thing about this beauties is that they allow you to personalize your car.

  (182) posted on 05.7.2009

I super like the centercaps. I think they’re so unique.

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