The Centenario is the kind of car that could just as well have debuted in 2030

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The Lamborghini Centenario shook the world at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, when it was unveiled to celebrate Ferruccio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday. Aside the waves it sent through every car-centric medium at the time, it’s even more striking today, four years later, as it continues to look like an alien of a car.

The Centenario is brimming with quirks and features

Besides its mechanical prowess, the Lamborghini Centenario will still make you ask yourself what were the Italians thinking upon closer inspection. Said inspection comes courtesy of Doug DeMuro, who got his hands on a Centenario and didn’t stop dissecting it until he had enough footage for a 30-minute YouTube video.

Other than the obvious traits of the Centenario, Mr. DeMuro discovers that the interior door handles aren’t actually on the door, but on the door sills. What’s more, the turn signal stalk (on the left side) isn’t aligned with the windscreen wiper stalk (on the right side), which sits higher.
Doug DeMuro Reviews the Lamborghini Centenario And You Have to See It
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And in typical ego-boosting Lamborghini fashion, the badge that attests a particular Centenario is X of just 20 units ever built (Lambo only assembled 20 coupés and 20 roadsters) is positioned behind a little patch of glass in the front, so when you arrive and park in your Centenario, people instantly know who you are.

Vanity aside, the Centenario matches its wild exterior and interior design with mind-bending performance. Since it uses the mid-engine architecture of the Aventador, a naturally-aspirated V-12 is tasked with moving the supercar. And it does just that with the aid of 759 horsepower (19 horses more than the Aventador Superveloce).

Doug DeMuro Reviews the Lamborghini Centenario And You Have to See It
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0-62 mph (100 kph) happens in 2.8 seconds and as long as you keep the pedal to the metal, reaching 186 mph (300 kph) will only take 23.5 seconds. Top speed goes over 217 mph (350 kph), according to Lamborghini but for more Centenario-related stuff you can’t read in a press release, head to the video above.

Lamborghini Centenario specifications
Engine 6.5-liter V-12
Horsepower 759 HP
Torque 509 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 2.7 seconds
Top Speed 217 mph
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