• Doug DeMuro’s 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn’t Even A Car

Of the 100 plus cars that Doug checked out last year, there could only be one winner. Any guesses?

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Doug DeMuro’s car of the year for 2021 isn’t even a car. Okay, technically it is an automobile. Now, with the EV truck war’s set to commence in a big way, one of the most highly anticipated trucks of them all lived up to all the hype. I am of course talking about the Rivian R1T, that won the 2021 Doug Car Of The Year.

Doug DeMuro's 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn't Even A Car
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Now Doug DeMuro is no stranger to cool cars. The YouTuber features more than 100+ cars annually, but there could only be one winner

When Doug first showcased the GMC Hummer EV on his channel (not his recent first drive) the EV truck he’d mentioned that the R1T was shown time and again but its launch was being delayed time and again. Now Rivian took its time in bringing the R1T to the market, but boy did they nail it the first time around.

Doug DeMuro's 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn't Even A Car
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Now, I’ve watched what the Rivian in its element early on when two prototypes of the R1T drove up from Argentina to LA on Long Way Up featuring Hollywood Stars Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman

To showcase what the R1T is made of, Rivian even sent out two early prototypes down to Argentina where they joined Hollywood stars Evan McGregor and Charley Boorman on modified Harley Davidson Livewires on their Long Way Up expedition driving back all the way to LA. If you’ve watched all 11 episodes, you really know the kind of conditions the Rivians had to endure.

Doug DeMuro's 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn't Even A Car
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Why? Because shortly after Doug put out his review of the R1T

Fast forward to 2021, and since the first media drives, most if not every review of the truck has been positive. And Doug’s review of the Rivian R1T was no exception. He was blown away by how the tech, the performance, the capabilities all at a compelling price add up.

Doug DeMuro's 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn't Even A Car
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He soon followed up with a second video about how competent it was off-road

He was in fact so impressed by the R1T, that a few weeks later, I was surprised to see him put out a second video go up. Now being a long-time Doug fan, you don’t see that happen very often, except in cases of Doug’s own cars like the E63 Wagon, Ford GT, or Land Rover Defender and his blue Audi RS2 wagon.

The cool benefit of off-roading the Rivian is when you’re done off-roading and you get down, you’re finished and you’ve done all this climbing and rock crawling and outshining all these Jeeps, you can go out and race a Ferrari and win. It’s insane, it has the capability to be sportscar supercar fast and also as capable off-road as amazing off-roaders. - Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro's 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn't Even A Car
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Now being a long-time Doug fan, I don’t see that happen often on his channel. He was impressed by its performance both on and off-road, its innovative and a sweet spot in terms of pricing

In the video, Doug and his buddies took on what looked like a fairly steep rocky trail on a mountain. Considering that the R1T doesn’t have any heavy-duty off-road hardware like differential lockers etc, Doug was surprised with how the R1T in fact managed to conquer such a steep slope and that too on street tires. But wasn’t just Doug, here’s another video of the Rivian taking on the Diablo Drop along with a Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Rivian R1T truly is a fantastic effort for the first attempt for a startup and it was well worth the wait. There are some true innovations on this vehicle that will soon make it to other products in the industry. It also in a way showcases what the future of off-roading will look like.

The only features that Doug found that were missing on his little off-road excursion were a hill-hold assist, hill descent control, a tire-pressure monitoring system, and a better camera system for times when you don’t have a spotter. These are aspects that I’m sure Rivian will address soon.

Doug DeMuro's 2021 Car Of The Year, Isn't Even A Car Exterior
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Overall, the R1T beat the runner ups including the Model S Plaid and the Lucid Air to claim the coveted Doug Car Of The Year 2021. Swipe Up to read about three cons of the R1T according to Doug.

With so many amazing facets to boast about, the Rivian blazed past many strong contenders including the likes of the Lucid Air, the Tesla Model S Plaid, and to go on to win Doug’s Car Of The Year.

You watch all the amazing cars that impressed Doug Demuro in 2021 in the video below;

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